Four Reasons To Change Your HVAC Filter On A Regular Basis

December 12, 2019

Everybody has a perfect temperature that they prefer their home to be. However, we may not give enough credit to that wonderful system that helps us maintain that optimal temperature. Your HVAC unit mostly runs on its own with very little intervention or maintenance, but there is one element of maintenance that we tend to forget or put off for a later day: the air filter. Changing the air filter is a simple and easy process that can save you money, help make you healthier, and keep your house cleaner. You may visit if you want to buy custom air filters for your home.

Preventative Maintenance

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When the air filter is not changed regularly, it can cause dust and contaminants to build up inside of the HVAC unit. It also causes the HVAC blower to be less efficient, by forcing it to push air through a dirty filter. This can cause overheating or freezing up. This means that you may have to make costly repairs on your HVAC unit to replace the blower. It can also lead to a buildup of dust in the condensation drain. The condensation can then back up and flood your HVAC.

Clean Air

When your air filter is dirty, it makes the blower work harder to push air through and it also means the airflow is going to be reduced. Without proper airflow, you might expect allergies to flare up since air is not effectively being returned to the unit to be filtered. This means that contaminants like mold, pollen, and dander stay in the air. A dirty air filter can also be a breeding ground for moisture which can lead to mold growth on the filter itself or in the ducts. Changing your air filter is an important part of improving your indoor air quality


When your HVAC unit is straining to push air through a clogged filter, it is using much more energy and running for much longer to achieve the desired temperature. This means increased utility bills. The increase in energy usage by the unit could be as much as 15%. Changing your filter regularly will make your home much more comfortable. Replacing an HVAC unit can also be incredibly expensive. Making sure that it is not straining to pull in air will ensure it will run for the lifespan of the unit.

Less Cleaning

When your home has adequate airflow to the return ducts, you will see much less dust and settled particulate in your home. With a clogged air filter, you will likely see dust settling on household surfaces, ceiling fans, and air vents. But there may also be dust settling in your air ducts, which can perpetuate problems long after the filter has been switched. It is especially important to stay on top of switching your filter if you have pets.

All of these things should be more than enough reasoning to keep on top of changing that filter. If you can save money, clean less, and be a healthier person, then it seems like a no-brainer. If you are unsure of which filter your unit takes, call your local HVAC professional and have them give a recommendation.

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