Cruising Destinations In The Mediterranean

December 12, 2019

If you love being close to water or are a sea lover, why not think about a cruising destination in the Mediterranean? Get ready for a fantastic holiday, as you sail through those wavy waters and explore the best destinations. You can charter a yacht or cruise to sail in the Mediterranean and enjoy those picturesque and idyllic landscapes that pass by.

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Get aboard Le Ponant and Le Boréal for a unique experience of the Mediterranean and with style and luxury. This cruise line promises an extraordinary holiday that is customized based on your preferences during the high travel season in the Mediterranean. Millions of people prefer to cruise on a Ponant vessel when on a Mediterranean cruise. The spring and fall are indeed the best time to go on the cruising vacation and look at the turquoise waters under the vast azure skies.

Mediterranean Coastlines And Destinations

What makes a Mediterranean cruise even more special are the exciting coastlines with well-rounded shores. Look at those overhanging cliffs on the sea and make way through fragrant coastal pathways. You can stop at picturesque villages and exciting ports on the way and explore some of the most legendary seas and countries. Discover the magnificent treasures and greatest architectural masterpieces of the world and all of your Mediterranean cruise. Cruise travelers can expect some rough and choppy waters at times.

Most Mediterranean cruises visit Greece, Cypress, Spain, Croatia, Corsica, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Corsica is well known for its austere mountain villages and characteristic ports. Italy is famous for its palette of colors as the blues of the seas and sky contrast with the baked red of the roofs and the golden yellow harvest. In Spain, you come across friendly cities and warm people. Sardinia, Provence, Sicily, and Corsica attract golf lovers because of the most beautiful golf courses. Do not miss the chance to visit the UNESCO World Heritage and archaeological sites.

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You can cruise between Greece and the Italian coast and discover harmonious islands, gentle landscapes, and picturesque fortified villages. Visit a host of monuments and landmarks during your stops and enjoy the local tropical flowers and lush vegetation. Ponant Mediterranean cruises will take you an exceptional trip of Croatia and allow you to discover all the hidden treasures along the fantastic Croatian coast. You will come across ancient buildings and vast olive groves and vineyards. You get into the heart of Croatian history on your trip and cover the whole of Croatian coastlines before you head back. If you have never been to Sicily and the Amalfi coast, well get on the unique cruise itinerary designed by Ponant that connects Malta and Civitavecchia. Enjoy the luxury expedition ship as you explore mythical places and prestigious Sicilian cities. Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca, and Mallorca are the four biggest islands of the region and the ultimate for nightlife and endless fun. There is immense excitement awaiting you both inshore and offshore and an endless variety of holiday choices available on a Mediterranean cruise.

The Mediterranean is well known to yachters and famous among the cruisers. It would be a mistake to skip on one of those amazing cruises to the Mediterranean and miss the chance to explore the pristine beaches, ancient ruins of, artsy countries. The Mediterranean region is indeed one of the most diverse on the planet and boasts of Spanish and Italian architecture. Embark on unforgettable sailing experience and explore some of the most talked-about places in the world. The majestic landscape and the picturesque historic ruins plus a tasty cuisine indeed create an ideal holiday environment.

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