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Cruising Destinations In The Mediterranean

December 12, 2019
If you love being close to water or are a sea lover, why not think about a cruising destination in the Mediterranean? Get ready for a fantastic holiday, as you sail through those wavy waters and explore the best destinations. You can charter a yacht or cruise to sail in...

Bonafide, Mediterranean Summer Dreaming

June 26, 2019
The Mediterranean is a European playground of gorgeous islands graced with a large variety of destinations offering crystalline waters and fantastic beaches. Some islands are known to have a peculiar, exotic charm that is reminiscent of tropical places, while others are more characteristically Mediterranean. There are those that are glamorous...

Make It To The Mediterranean For Banishing The Winter Blues

October 25, 2017
When you think of Europe in the fall and winter, images of rainy cities and snow-covered rural landscapes come to mind, these mental images handed down from postcard descriptions both posted and orally relayed by friends and family. However, not all of Europe becomes wrapped up in layers, umbrellas aloft,...

Detoxing In The Mediterranean

July 12, 2017
Being a loving mother, a devoted wife, a successful entrepreneur, an enthusiastic blogger, a curious photo journalist, and a passionate Chinese Medicine Doctor, my daily routine can often feel like a constant tug of war. I try to maintain my balance as frequently as possible, but it is not always...

Exploring The Mediterranean: Tips For The Budget Conscious Traveler

May 16, 2017
A properly planned Mediterranean cruise can be one of the most beautiful experiences in the entire lifetime of a traveler. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive ones as well! However, it does not necessarily have to be, if you keep the following tips in mind before...