Detoxing In The Mediterranean

July 12, 2017

Being a loving mother, a devoted wife, a successful entrepreneur, an enthusiastic blogger, a curious photo journalist, and a passionate Chinese Medicine Doctor, my daily routine can often feel like a constant tug of war. I try to maintain my balance as frequently as possible, but it is not always easy; one way is to try to find some time to regroup in order to reset priorities and a second way is to daydream about trips I know will relax my mind, body, and spirit. If you are looking to combine traveling with detoxing, do it in the Mediterranean! The Mediterranean is blessed with a glorious climate and able to host holidays packed with sea, sun, and sailing fun. Detoxing can be part of this sensational, summer equation and here is how I imagine it:

A Mirage Of Wellness In The North Of Greece

There is a place called Halkidiki, with three peninsulas that make it resemble the Greek islands so much that it is almost uncanny! Two of them, Kassandra and Sithonia, are inhabited, while the third one, Mount Athos, is a place of spiritual awakening and the home of a monastic state access to which is prohibited to the general public. Spiritual awakening may be two peninsulas away, but detox, rejuvenation, wellness, and well-being are within your grasp at the stunning, beachfront resort of the Miraggio Thermal Spa. Their Myrthia Thermal Spa is something out of this world, offering guests ample opportunities to regain their balance and rigour. An ancient, geothermal spring is responsible for supplying four thermal pools with minerals that carry incredible healing properties. A stable temperature thalassotherapy pool also combines the powers of seawater, as well as a herbal sauna and other facilities that are all aimed at improving your health. And I have not revealed the best part yet. They even have a Kid’s Spa menu as well as in house, professional childcare, which means adults and children will have the time of their lives here. The resort also has a marina and offers sailing trips to discover the nearby hidden treasures.

Smooth sailing brings an air of renewal:

Traveling by sea is a wonderful pastime provided you are not the type that gets sea sick. Although even if you are, you can avoid the potentially bad part of the trip by opting for a boutique cruise that combines the benefit that sailing boats enjoy, getting up close and personal to various small and quaint ports, but also enjoy the advantages of larger cruise ships: a smooth, rock free journey. Variety Cruises are my favourite boutique cruisers for a number of reasons. They run diverse, interesting cruises that combine sailing with exploration and offer optional excursions on each cruise that allows guests to fully immerse in the culture of each place as much or as less as they want. I have been wanting to try cruising around the Aegean Sea, to discover the Greek islands by cruise. The key element is that you discover a bunch of destinations by only boarding once and then it is pretty much relaxation and lazy traveling, unless you want to get involved in the optional touring part. Imagine being on deck and letting the refreshing sea breeze blow through your hair, the sun rays caressing your face, and taking in a deep breath, filling your lungs and soul with an air of absolute renewal. That is a different level of detox for you.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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