Mykonos And Delos Islands: Two Worlds A Few Minutes Apart

December 13, 2021

Almost touching one another, separated by a 40-minute ferry ride, yet so different. Cosmopolitan and glamorous Mykonos and the peaceful World Heritage Site of Delos seem like two worlds apart that meet somewhere in the Aegean Sea. And still, although quite contrasting, they share a mystical bond, enticing visitors, each in its own special way and bringing a perfect balance between the modern and the old. So, if you plan to visit the gorgeous party Mecca and beautiful Cycladic island, hopping on a boat to get to Delos is definitely a must. Here is why: 

Mykonos: An inviting siren in the Cyclades you cannot resist

Many reasons could put you on a plane to the Queen of the Cyclades. Boutique shopping, endless partying till dawn, an ultra-luxurious lifestyle, a vibrant night scene, and gorgeous sugary beaches with crystalline waters are some of the greatest appeals of Mykonos. Most people that have been to Mykonos admit feeling as if they have seen light for the first time when coming to Mykonos! That is the sensation you get from walking the narrow cobbled streets of Mykonos Town under the cloudless Mediterranean sun that shines in the dazzling blue of the sea and the shimmering white of the chalky, marshmallow-round Cycladic houses! 

Countless whitewashed chapels with blue domes, cute cafes, squares with bars and restaurants, seaside tavernas serving delicious seafood, pretty shops in every corner, and breath-taking views from the Windmills or Little Venice with the wooden balconies hanging over the water and the Venetian-style terraces characterise a stroll to the island capital. As for the shores, they welcome visitors to VIP beach-side experiences and the most intense parties featuring international DJs and an incredible flow of champagne. Or more private and relaxing endeavours by the sea at isolated coves and remote beaches. Whatever pleases their heart the most. 

Glam at the highest levels in every aspect of the Mykonos lifestyle, from accommodation to dining, and a charming and congenial local community that takes everything with unshakable tolerance and relaxed friendliness come to complete the picture. That is what you get. And, it is more than fascinating.

And, after the sun sinks behind the horizon, the starry sky makes everything even more alluring and romantic. That is when you will see shiny, well-heeled people of various backgrounds swarming the labyrinth-like paths of Mykonos eagerly claiming their fair share of the vibrancy that’s about to come. 

Delos: Epitomizing culture enveloped in hypnotizing energy

From the Mykonos Old Harbour, another journey begins. In just 40 minutes by ferry, you step into a different world that promises the most exciting antiquity adventure. Feel free to explore the land where some 30,000 people from different nations lived around 300-500 BC and witness a tour back in time. 

The remains of once glorious temples, palaces, and sacred places, like the Sacred Well, as well as countless artefacts speak of the profound richness of Delos back in the day. Indeed, the island was a significant spiritual, religious, and commercial hub in the Mediterranean Sea and a place where culture and trade flourished.

Take a closer look at the stone formations near and around the amphitheater, and you will see an entire era unfold before your eyes. An era that had both good and bad — when Delos was blooming, when 2000 people were sold every single day at the slave market, when islanders paid tribute to their deities by building the most elegant temples for Apollo and Artemis (Zeus’ children), who were born here (according to mythology), and when residents were forced to leave the island and never give birth or die on it premises. 

Do not be surprised if you feel an unexpected and overwhelming sense of tranquility intensifying the more you stay on the island. Delos is said to be hugely energetic, with a profound calming effect. For that reason, many people practicing yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness and spiritual techniques come to Delos when visiting Greece, or Mykonos, in particular.

The best thing about it all? At the end of the day, you don’t need to choose between two entirely different things. Being so close to one another, you can now have both the glamorous lifestyle of Mykonos and the peacefulness and battery-recharge of Delos. Amazing, right?

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