Exciting Islands To Visit In Greece

June 25, 2021

Are you currently in Greece looking for the next thing to do, but have no idea where you should go? Have you thought about visiting the various islands of Greece, but do not know which ones you should visit first?

Visiting Greece is a great experience for travellers. It has incredible culture, food, and natural beauty. The country also boasts some of the world’s best beaches. Grecian history and architecture are integral to understanding the culture in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

Modern Greeks have taken their heritage and created an eclectic mix of old traditions with new ideas that fascinate visitors from around the world. From Crete to Athens, there are so many places worth exploring, but if you are looking for a real adventure, you should have a look and see what the various islands have to offer. 

Agios Efstratios          

Agios Efstratios, an island located in the Aegean Sea, is well known for its incredible scenery and beautiful oak forests. It is one of the lesser known islands, but this does not take away from what it has to offer the world. This small island has no taxis, so you will need to rent a car while you are there, in order to travel around the network of dirt roads, but it is well worth it. If you are not up for driving, you could also ride a bike around the island.

Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of busy Greek life and take a bit of a break. You can hike some of the most incredible trails up the most beautiful mountains. You can also have some of the freshest fish cooked in the traditional Greek style. If you are not into hiking during your trip, you can also visit neighbouring islands by ferry, to take in the exquisite views from the outside.    


If you are looking to vacation on a budget, then Syros is the perfect place for you to visit. Syros is known to be one of the cheapest islands you can visit, and this is most likely due to the fact that it is not overflowing with tourists all the time. Best for off season visits, Syros, capital of the Cyclades, is a place that does not look like typical Greece with the white washed buildings. Instead, you will be faced with some of the most beautiful and colorful buildings. 

Syros have some of the finest places to eat with options from ice cream, to pasta, to even some of the most incredible salads. Although the beaches are not as exceptional as some others you might find around Greece and its surrounding island, they are still amazing and a great place to spend the day. 


Milos is best known for its incredible photogenic scenery and very dramatic coastline. Milos has only recently become a place of interest for tourists as a volcanic island where the Greek goddess, Aphrodite was said to be discovered. For those interested in Greek mythology, there is an abundance of things to be discovered and explored on this island. 

The beautiful white cliffs of Milos are a sight to behold and a great place to see at least once in your lifetime. If you find yourself in Milo, there are some incredible places to stay that have all been designed off of the island’s beautiful architecture. 


Said to be one of the most difficult of the Islands in the Cyclades to visit, Amorgos is one that is avoided by the faster ferries, and in order to get there, you need to take a slow boat ride that can take upwards of 8 hours in travel time. However, the boat ride is well worth the wait once you get there. 

This quaint and beautiful island even advertises its island as a place where no one will find you, as you walk into the harbors. This island is an incredible attraction for hikers, divers, and those who enjoy being outdoors and exploring nature. The population is incredibly small, which makes everything you do here even more authentic. 


Last but not least, we have the most popular of the islands, and a place that is well known as a place for lovebirds and newlyweds. This picturesque island looks like it belongs on a postcard with its incredible architecture of white washed houses scattered across the hillside and coastline. 

There is so much that one can do in Santorini, from enjoying great nightlife, laying out on the beach all day, or even just relaxing in some of the most incredible villas and hotels. 

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