How To Style A Women’s Bomber Jacket

June 25, 2021

The entire fashion industry can be described as a constant influx and outflow of trends. Clothing items, styles, accessories become popular in a matter of days and go back into obscurity as fast as they arrived. Keeping up with the trends in such a climate is not even humanly possible. Not all hope is lost, however, as there are still items that stay in fashion all year round. The lead among these exquisite garments are women’s leather jackets.

Leather, in general, has been in style for centuries. As soon as the trend seems to be slowing down, a new way of rocking the coveted bomber jackets arrives and reignites everyone’s love for leather jackets. This is not to say that leather is an exclusive club, and only people that are existing fans can enjoy it. The community is growing steadily; more and more people are seeing the potential of wearing the bomber.

If you are in a similar newcomer’s boat or just want to expand your leather bomber jacket for women styling options; this article is for you. So, without further ado, here are some of the most iconic ways to style a bomber jacket:

All-Black Every Day

No style guide is complete without the inclusion of the mandatory all black outfit. However, bomber jackets make things a little different. Usually, when we talk about leather jackets and all-black outfits, the jacket is the star of the show and the item that will bring your outfit up from blandness. Unlike other designs of leather jackets, bombers are some of the tamest and most minimalist by comparison. So, you have to craft your outfit differently.

By making the jacket an addition rather than the focal point of the outfit, you have tons of options to add details to other parts of your outfit. Why not have some colourful print on your black shirt? Or some silver chains on your pristine black jeans? If you don’t want to attract much attention, going all plain black is not a bad idea either.

Printed Bombers

Now that we have talked about lack of color let us bring some vibrancy back to your fashion game. Printed bomber jackets are a great way to wear a leather jacket without making the leather part too obvious. The print on the jacket could be anything from colourful flowers to monochromatic geometric prints; the choice is yours.

The looks that you can achieve with a printed jacket are surreal. The only downside is that a print will most likely put a portion of your existing wardrobe off-limits for the jacket. But, if you are willing to make that sacrifice, and wearing the jacket over everything isn’t that big of an issue, you should look into this styling option.

Comfort Queen

One of the key benefits of wearing a leather bomber jacket is its comfort factor. This is especially true in colder seasons when the jacket protects our upper half from all gusts of cold wind. Sadly, many outfits require you to forgo that feeling by wearing other garments that, although they look good, are not really comfortable per se. Luckily, bombers have the almost majestic power of turning simple comfort clothing into somewhat of a fashion statement.

Yes, you read that correctly. Do you want to look good while also being cosy? Just wear a bomber jacket over your favorite sweatshirt, and you are golden for a trip to the coffee shop with friends. If you are feeling a little adventurous on a particular day, you can enhance the overall aesthetic even further by colour coordinating your shirt, trousers, shoes and jacket.

Furry Winter

Bomber jackets are perfectly viable during most of the year, but it shines as soon as the sun is less visible. A bomber jacket with a fur lined collar or even a fur lined hoodie is peak winter clothing. Working around these fluffy comfort jackets is also extremely easy, as the jacket will attract all of the attention towards itself. You can just wear simple clothing, and look as stunning as a fashion model.

The color of the fur in relation to the jacket is also a wonderful way to create fantastic contrast. For example, a black bomber jacket with white fur works immaculately with a pair of white trousers and a white turtleneck. Add a splash of red with a red woollen scarf and some red lipstick, and you’ve got yourself the outfit of the year on your hand.

Old And New

Many new to the world of bomber jackets would think that they only work with jeans and skirts. This cannot be any farther from the truth. Bomber jackets not only work with traditional outfits, they excel at it. Given the modernized designs of these jackets, one would assume that this combination is not viable, but it certainly is.

The matchup becomes even more powerful when you add a hint of color into the mix as well. For example, a multicoloured maxi dress with a simple black or brown bomber makes for an outfit that you would want to save for special occasions only. Bonus points if you top the whole outfit off with some nice heels and an exquisite leather handbag.

Playing Cool

This look is all about confidence and exuding self-surety from every fabric of your outfit. The look in and of itself is quite simple. All you need are some tights, a t-shirt and a close-fitting variant of the women’s bomber jacket. The tricky part is nailing the core vibe down.

Accessories are often overlooked when it comes to styling, but they come in clutch in situations like these. If you are wearing the right outfit but not feeling the vibe, try adding things like aviators, big watches, silver bracelets etc., into the mix; you will see immediate improvements.

Final Verdict

If you are interested in diving into the world of leather jackets, there is no better jumping on point than women’s bombers. They are simple enough that you can wear them over your existing clothes and feel like a fashion queen, but versatile enough that you can spend years crafting outfits with only one of the many bomber variations.

If you do decide to get started, just remember to be experimental. Unless you screw up really badly, there are no ugly outfits with a bomber. So, keep pushing the boundaries in the direction you want. This will not only give you practice for becoming a fashion savvy person but will also provide you with outfits that you can truly call your own.

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