Everything You Should Know Before Getting A United States Shipping Address

December 13, 2019

The convenience of online shopping from US retailers allows you to find products that you may not get in your area. But, you need a US shipping address for the delivery of your shipment. 

Below is everything you need to know about a shipping address in the United States, from where you can send your stuff without difficulty:

Why Do You Need A US Shipping Address?

There are many reasons to get a shipping address in the US. The primary reason is that not every online shop in the country can ship its products internationally. This places restrictions on placing orders from the store. 

If you need a specific item that is exclusively available in a US-based store, it can be disappointing if you cannot order it. This situation is when a US shipping address comes to your rescue. It provides a secure location to get your packages. Also, you will receive a virtual mailbox to view the status of shipments. 

When you have multiple shipments ready at the address, you can get them delivered to your location as a consolidated package to save money

How To Get A Shipping Address In The US?

With the help of mail and package forwarding service, you can enjoy the perks of living internationally and shopping from the US. These companies give you an address that you can use to purchase products from US stores. When a package is sent to this address, the forwarding company will then reship it to your location anywhere in the world.

There is a simple process to apply for a shipping address in the US. Register with a package forwarding service and shop online from a US-based store. Provide your shipping address and details to the store at the checkout. Now, give a heads-up to the service, letting them know about the expected delivery. 

There is an online form used by forwarders. You have to fill this form with the details of your shipment. Once your package is delivered at the US address, you can get it reshipped to the final destination.

What To Ask The Service Provider?

Before availing of a US shipping address, there are many important questions to ask the service provider. It is essential to know if they can handle oversized deliveries and ask about their freight limitations. 

  • If you are unable to authorize a person to pick up on your behalf, ask whether the service provider allows someone else to make the deliveries. 
  • Also, consider the possibilities of not picking up a package within the stipulated time frame. 
  • Ask the company what happens to abandoned packages and what alternative arrangements you can make to avoid such circumstances. 
  • Prefer a company that does not require a fee for registration. Typically, they have a different fee structure for each location where packages can be delivered. 
  • Make sure that they provide a real US street address and not just a PO Box for delivery of your shipment. This allows you to shop from any US retailer.

The above are some important things to understand before you apply for a shipping address in the US.

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