What to check while buying shoes

December 14, 2019

You need to be very careful while buying some of the most needed accessories for you. such as the tees, you cannot live without, some office dress shirts, your joggers/sneakers and your shoes and outerwear, which are quite necessary for the day to day life.

In this article we will discuss some of the tips, which a buyer ought to follow while buying his favorite comfortable shoes. many people do not know what key features the most important ones are.

This criterion explained in this article is quite general, for a special kind of shoes for instance long boots and plastic boots, you would be checking a slightly different such as for adidas stan smith .

These tips may vary for person to person, because people have got some unique demands, and various factors such as trends, culture, usage, frequency and feet shapes.

1.    Get your size

Many times, people order shoes online, and at the end of the day they are like the poor little boy who has been fooled.

You ought not to order your shoes online, if you know that the design and shape of your feet are not like others, for instance, my sister’s feet are not very thick and the normal medium-sized ones are not fit for her, her sandals are always loose, on the other hand, those girls who have got the same size feet find those loose shoe quite comfortable and fit.

2.    Wear them

You must not select the shoes just by wearing a single shoe. You ought to try both just for making sure that you are comfortable while wearing them both together, most of the time people do not try both the shoes.

I do not know why they do such an act of carelessness, maybe it is because of saving time, but it is utterly disturbing.

3.    Check the sole

You won’t be always using your shoe for flat and smooth surfaces; thus, you must check the sole before buying.

Bend it in and out. If it is not bending, then ignore that at once. Rigid shoes would not last long, so they’re not very reliable.

Except for heels you must check all other shoes, flexibility. Especially for your sneakers and joggers, because you will be using them for rough terrains and trips such as hiking, jogging or trekking.

4.    Check the finishing

If you are buying leather shoes, then make sure that designing is very fine and elegant. Some fraudsters have been selling copies and fake shoes.

The finishing of the shoes will speak for the quality and brand of that pair. So do not forget to have a look at that, before you tell the shopkeeper to pack that pair for you.

5.    Check the fakeness

If you are a regular buyer of a certain company, then you must check the difference between the fake articles and the real articles.

It will include the tag, serial number or some placements of the stickers.   

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