Top-Tier Concrete Entryway Ideas You Can Give A Shot

April 15, 2021

Do not get us wrong. Concrete entryways are parts of your property that can take quite a punch. They withstand heavy foot and appliance traffic and still come out looking neat and swell. And if there is one way you can make it up for these surfaces would be implementing a new concrete entryway idea or design. For today we will take a look at some of the trending and best concrete entryway ideas. You can install them in your commercial, residential, and industrial settings.

Concrete Entryway Top Picks Just For You

Check out these outrageous ideas you can have in your properties! But do make sure you consider their pros and cons before you start with the application. Better safe than sorry!

  • Attractive Patterns

Enhance your entryways with an eye-catching pattern or two. There are numerous approaches to achieve this. You can install overlay stamps that mimic naturally occurring things, including wood and stone. Another way would be placing stencils — these materials are similar to stamping. However, you can customize them with unique and intricate designs you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Adding Stony Steps

Visitors might want to take a second look at your entryways when they see your stone steps. And another upside to this idea is that you can have as much texture and detail on the steps as you want. No, you do not have to worry about them being slippery when wet. These stamped steps provide a slip-resistant surface that makes them safe for walking and running.

  • Lights, Anyone?

You might be one of those property owners who cannot get enough with lights. Do not fret. You can get away with installing lights anywhere — and we mean anywhere — in your setting. Lights provide a sense of mood, vibe, and transition to a place. They can be built-in, top-down, cascading, or upright. And one of the best places to set them up would be — you guessed it right — the entryway. 

  • Have A Fountain

A plain and gray concrete entrance might feel a bit lonesome and dull. Spice things up with a precast or custom fountain. A fountain would be a swell touch give your place a visual update. Do so, and see the difference once the item is in place. Your setting will transform from commonplace to fancy with such an addition! Add a few extra things, such as planters, flowers, and benches, and voila! 

  • Aggregate Exposure

Stencils and stamps work fantastic, no doubt. But if you do not like the idea of seeing stones and bricks in your lot, go for exposed aggregate instead. Aggregates are budget-friendly, and they do not take up a lot of effort to set up. And just like the other entries in this list, an aggregate entrance is non-slippery. It is safe and pleasant to see.

  • Wall It Up

Who says that walls only exist to provide protection and privacy? We beg to differ. Walls are another great way to liven things up on your property. Just like with the flooring systems available, you have the option to customize them as you see fit.

  • Wood Is Good

There is something about wood that makes it feel classy, homey, and nostalgic at the same time. It is a traditional construction material that transcends time and remains on top. Set up some wood steps, walls, and flooring on your entrance. Add some nice old-fashioned varnish, and you get yourself a charming entryway.

  • Green At Its Finest

Unleash your inner nature enthusiast by setting up all sorts of greenery around your entranceway. Start by placing hanging plants, shrubbery, young trees, and flowering plants on your lot. The greens will add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. And they create a contrast between your house and the surrounding natural environment.

  • Elegance With Edges

You don’t have to be an architect to be creative with the edges on your steps and walls. And let us face it, those ninety-degree corners are not so safe and pleasant to see. Time to give them a revamp. Some materials, such as concrete pilaster, wall caps, and ready-to-install tops, are options you can take to make those edges fancier. And if you want the edges to curve, polyester foam can create that curved finish.

  • Polished And Shiny

Sometimes, going for a simple approach stands out more. By simply polishing and waxing your concrete and epoxy floorings, you grant them that brand-new look. No time to do it? Let experts handle your residential polished concrete floors for you. Visitors will ask you if you have had installed new floorings and surfaces. You can say yes, but the truth is that you merely let creativity and simplicity do their job. 

Who Can Do All Of These For Me?

The answer is simple: hire a contractor near you, or get the job done as a DIY project. Both methods have their positive and negative quirks, so make sure you check them out beforehand. Going for the pros reduces error risks. And they can finish your residential flooring or commercial surfaces a lot faster while keeping quality and professionalism in check. You will have to shell out more cash, though. While considering a DIY project saves you some money and grants you total control over everything. See that you prepare the necessary materials, and ensure you are wearing safety equipment.

Are These Ideas Expensive?

Most of these designs and ideas do not cost an arm and leg to achieve. Arm yourself with a couple of a hundred or fewer bucks, and you can get any of these ideas done. You will only have to spend a bit more if you select high-end decoration, such as solar lamps, custom fountains and benches, other lighting fixtures, and other materials. Another cost factor is when you hire an expert company for your endeavors.

So Better Get Started!

Do not waste a second any longer, and start with your favored design and idea today. You can implement one or more of these ideas or mix and match them as you wish. Combine one with another, and you might discover something unique and fascinating. You can do all the work you want, or get in touch with a contracting company to do everything on your behalf. 

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