Should You Take The Bus From Calgary To Banff?

October 6, 2020

Moving around the metropolis in Alberta is not much of a problem. Thanks to an effective transport network that connects you with anywhere you want to go. 


The only decision to make is your travel option. I mean, what kind of transportation would you be considering? Air, road, water, you can be sure there are many alternatives for traveling in style. 

But if you are wondering about getting from Calgary to Banff by bus, you may want to consider an even better and cheaper alternative. While catching a bus could be stress free for any passenger, how about an equally safer option for both you and the ecosystem. 

And this is where I introduce InOrbis car service to you. The link here has more details if you want to check them out. Nonetheless, below are some of the reasons I think you should consider using their service to travel from Calgary to Banff rather than take the bus. 

An Eco-friendly Alternative 

With so much awareness of environmental pollution, there has been a need for a cleaner transportation method. And if you choose to travel by bus or car, the gas emissions between your destination could cause more damage to the ecosystem. 

With an all-electric vehicle fleet, the InOrbis car service guarantees zero CO2 gas emissions throughout your journey. Each trip is in comfort and style powered by Tesla engineering and the ingenuity of the team at InOrbis. 

Whether your journey is for business or fun, you can expect to move from Calgary to Banff without any carbon footprints. And if you are familiar with fuel emissions, you will know that traveling by car or bus will be doing the exact opposite. 

There are many other ways to save the environment, and choosing electric vehicular transportation when your journey around Alberta could do more than a petrol or diesel ride. 

Travel In Style

Every ride with InOrbis car service is in style with new fleets of well-maintained Tesla luxury model vehicles. So if you are fixing to catch up with a meeting in Banff or taking a road trip along the Trans-Canada highway, you can be sure to get there in comfort too. 

With alternative routes to choose from, you can decide to beat time and use the fast-route through the Trans-Canada Highway, which is approximately 140KM journey. And will take you one and a half hour to travel. 

While there is no guarantee of getting there any quicker, you can be sure you will not be all sweaty and tired when you arrive. There is also the added benefit of vehicle privacy, which adds to an even more relaxing journey. Feel free to slouch back and take a nap, receive calls, or travel with your team members or family without interference. 

The company ensures there are no hiccups on the way by employing only professional drivers and also provides re-training regularly. You can also ensure they are licensed and vetted for security clearance, so there is no cause to worry for passengers traveling alone. You can check here for tips on ways to stay safe on a road trip. 

Easy Booking Service 

Hopping on your next ride to Banff from Calgary can be as easy as getting on your mobile and booking for one on the InOrbis website. And just like every other car-hailing service, you get a driver at your designated pickup for onward movement to your destination. 

Unlike other Calgary cab companies, you get a flexible and convenient service tailored to your needs. Book for travel, or get a door-to-door pickup and drop off your packages while you relax. You can also be assured of prompt service down to last-minute bookings. 

Complimentary Wi-Fi

You can get work done while you travel in style with the complimentary fast-speed Wi-Fi available for all passengers. So you can rest assured to stay on top of your assignments and responsibilities without any communication breakdown. 

There is no fear using their public Wi-Fi, and as a professional service provider, customer safety and satisfaction are top on their agenda. Just in case, this link here has suggestions on how to stay safe on public Wi-Fi. 

Affordable Transportation From Calgary To Edmonton 

InOrbis is top on the list for many business executives who use cab hire services for catching with work in Edmonton because it is affordable. You may argue that taking a flight would be comfortable, faster, and a lot safer, but all this comes at a high price. 

You could spend upwards of $500 for a round-trip by air, and there is also a matter of toxic gas emissions. Another issue with flight is that you have to follow a scheduled time, and there is no guarantee that it will not be delayed or canceled. 

A journey by bus could also be a lot cheaper way to travel. You could spend less than half of what you would pay on a ride with InOrbis if you choose to ride the public car or bus from Calgary to Banff. But you will have to share the trip with other people. 

When you book for an InOrbis car service, you save more than traveling by air and get more comfortable than traveling by bus. And all these benefits and more come at a relatively affordable price. In all, you will be spending way less than a plane ticket for a round-trip when you choose to travel in InOrbis Tesla vehicles. Among the fleets include the Tesla Model 3, S, and X. 

Traveling in InOrbis can be an affordable option in the long run. If you are journeying with friends, you can split the bill, which will be way lesser than getting individual plane tickets. 

A bus would also be cheaper, but you will not get the entire vehicle to you and your crew. So, you surely want to consider this option if you want a better way to save money while you travel from Calgary to Banff. 

Final Note 

The choice is yours when deciding which transportation method to use for your journey. And when traveling from Calgary to Banff, there are few alternatives available to you. Whichever way you chose, comfort and safety are to be your priority. So, rather than considering the cheapest travel option, you want to look for the one that will get you to your location in one piece. 

Getting around Alberta is pretty much straightforward, and if you travel by road, you can vouch that there are some of the finest roads on the planet in the Aussie continent. Thus again, you can trust to enjoy your trip with InOrbis car service with a guaranteed professional service and gasless emission journey in luxury Tesla electric vehicles. 

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