The Perfect Home: Why Maintenance Is Important To Keep Your Home Happy

October 6, 2020

“Turn This House Into A Home” is a line from the 1964 classic song by Dionne Warwick. Is your house not already a home? How could we know the difference between them both?

A home is an enjoyable and happy place to live, to laugh, and to learn. It is also a place of love, care, and respect. How would you like that your house will turn into a home?

When Can A House Become a Home?

house is just a building structure that provides shelter for everyone. And when we look from a distance, we can always say that a house is a home. However, this building that you call a house can only become a home if it provides shelter with joy and happiness, love, care, and respect for everyone.

Your home is always your house but not every time that your house is always your home. However, you can unleash the glamour of your house and turn it into a home.

The Glamour, The Look, And The Beauty Of A Home

Beyond the aesthetics of a house lies its glamour and beauty. House cleaning, repairs, and improvements will do a lot to maintain and keep your house in perfect shape at all times. Here are some simple house improvement and home care tips that you should do:

● Keep Your House Clean

Psychology says that people who live in clean houses are healthier than people who live in messy ones. House cleaning should be a way of life for everyone in the house. It can not just be a job of one for the mess of all. If you feel overwhelmed by it all, turn to Rite Touch Maids for help.

Proper cleaning should start from ceilings to floors, inside and outside. Make everything spick and span in all areas or corners, including the exterior part, such as the lawn. Regular cleaning should include the following parts of the house: bathrooms, bedrooms, windows, kitchen, floors, walls, fireplace, garage, to name a few.  

Some house parts may be cleaned not so often, like the basement, roof, house shutters, and even the fence. These parts of the house should have a separate cleaning schedule for them.

Cleaning always comes with sanitation. You may ask, Why a clean house is important and how does it help you? For one, a clean house prevents people living inside from getting sick.  Doing sanitation measures maintains the proper hygiene and the condition of your house. It will prevent some diseases and give you the optimum benefit of having good health.

Maintaining a clean and tidy home requires dedicated time and effort, but fortunately, there are alternative options available to make this task more manageable. One such option is Homeaglow, a reputable and reliable professional house cleaning service. By leveraging the expertise of Homeaglow, you can efficiently ensure the cleanliness of your home without the hassle of personally undertaking cleaning duties. This allows you to reclaim your valuable time and focus on other important aspects of your life while still enjoying the benefits of a pristine living space.

● Repairs And Maintenance For Your House

You can classify a repair into emergency and periodic repair. An emergency repair can happen anytime when broken, dilapidated, or worn out parts and accessories encountered outside of the schedule. This kind of repair needs outright attention and action. It would be best not to ignore minor repairs; otherwise, it will give you some mishaps in the house.

Periodic repair, also called periodic maintenance, is a planned activity to organize and prepare everything you need. Often, house repairs are at the bottom of the priority list, making it essential that repairs and maintenance be planned out very well.

What To Plan For Your Periodic Maintenance?

It is essential to establish clear and well-defined objectives when planning periodic maintenance; otherwise, it would fail. If you do not want to fail, consider these vital planning tips for house maintenance:

● Building Or Maintenance Permits  

There are various categories of permits classified into structural, electrical, and mechanical or new construction permits. You will get your permit from your local municipality. There are some repairs also that do not need permits, and the office should categorize these. Failure to get the necessary permit may stop the ongoing work.

● Designs And Drawing 

Drawings include architectural, structural, Electrical and Plumbing, HVAC system or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These drawings are guides to convert the concept into the actual outcome. These will help you plan for your finances to allocate for the job.  

● Budget For The Project 

Having a budget will allow you to have a proper spending plan for your project. Having enough money to fund the repair will ensure that the project will push to the end until finished. Your budget will cover the processing of permits, drawings and designs, materials, and workforce pooling.

● Workforce 

You can either get a contractor who will provide the workforce for the project or personally do the workforce pooling. Either way, it should include all the necessary skills needed for the project’s specific job as planned initially.  

● Material Planning And Sourcing 

Material sourcing can be a tedious task if not appropriately planned. It is essential to identify all the needed materials as well as the specific specification of each item. 


Your house is undoubtedly a home when you unleash the beauty within where love and respect abound. Likewise, a clean and properly maintained house will radiate the house’s glow and aesthetics, making it more than just a building structure. This building is your house, and a happy, livable place called home.

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