Pros And Cons Of Using Mineral Makeup

October 7, 2019

An increasing number of people are opting for healthier, greener, and more natural options when it comes to beauty products. This growing interest in more ethical alternatives has provided an opportunity for green companies to penetrate the market with new products that are better for people and the environment.

Having said that, one of these products are natural mineral makeup and they are significantly rising in popularity in the last few years. So, does that mean that mineral makeup is a better option in every aspect? Not necessarily.

To give you a better picture of just how good (and bad) mineral makeup can be, we have created this guide that highlights both the pros and cons of using mineral makeup.


  • A skin-friendly option. Mineral makeup is usually ‘non-comedogenic’, meaning it will not clog pores and it is safe for people with acne. It is also safe for people with very sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Additionally, it is good for oily skin types, as it can help absorb excess oils and give you a healthy and luminous glow that tends to hide nasty spots.
  • Provides better coverage. When it comes to the application of mineral makeup, less is usually more. This is important to keep in mind, so you do not end up over-applying and looking unnatural. In comparison to traditional cosmetics, mineral makeup also provides a more consistent coverage that lasts longer. On top of that, it is waterproof, so it is safe for swimming or exercising.
  • All-natural ingredients. Truly pure mineral makeup is made without any additives like dyes, parabens, preservatives, and fragrances, which are ingredients found in most conventional makeup products that often cause skin reactions.
  • Reduces inflammation. Some dermatologists believe that mineral makeup could be anti-inflammatory due to mineral formulations containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. This could help to reduce inflammation-related skin issues such as rosacea and acne.
  • It feels weightless. Many users claim that mineral makeup feels weightless on their skin, almost providing a light-as-air feeling. It also feels more breathable than traditional makeup, especially in loose powder variation, which makes it comfortable to wear during hot summer months or while doing heavy workout sessions.
  • Additional protection. Mineral makeup that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can act as sun protection as these minerals are natural UV blockers.


  • It can feel dry. For those who have dry skin, mineral makeup can sometimes emphasize rough patches or flakes. Some people also feel that it accentuates wrinkles and highlights oily skin in a bad way.
  • Fewer color options. Since pure mineral makeup contains no coloring agents and no added dyes, the color palette is limited and there are not as many color tones available as there are in traditional makeup. This can be a problem for people with darker skin as darker skin types often have several different tones in them and require a custom blend to suit them.
  • It can irritate the skin. Some brands of mineral makeup can cause skin irritation, although it is much less than traditional makeup. Going through the ingredients list, watch out for bismuth oxychloride, a natural byproduct of lead and copper processing which is a known skin irritant.
  • It can be messy. Any makeup has the potential to be messy. Mineral makeup, in loose powder form, tends to be messy at times. If you are not using it correctly, you will end up having the powder all around your bathroom counter.
  • May not always be ‘pure’. Good mineral makeup is harder to find, but the demand has been growing lately. With it, you may also risk buying something that is not entirely ‘pure’. Some brands use synthetic fillers, parabens, and other forms of chemical preservatives that might create problems for your skin.

Make a good choice for your skin with mineral makeup

Every makeup product has its good and bad sides. And while there are some negative sides to mineral makeup, the benefits clearly outweigh them overall.

As a final note, mineral makeup is an excellent alternative for those who may have had issues with makeup in the past, allowing them to enjoy its lasting and skin-nourishing effects.

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