How To Take Care Of Your Makeup This Summer

May 22, 2017

Who is a girl that does not love to wear makeup? We do mean, even in summer. While you do have to be concerned about how not to make your makeup appear smudged and runny or turn your skin all sticky and gooey, you do not have to be afraid to wear makeup in summer.

Summer Skin Perfection

Listed below are seven things to guide you in getting a sweat proof makeup this summer:

Tip #1 Draw up a makeup strategy: “I am a really smiley person, so I have just learned when I am doing my own makeup, I have to make sure it is smile ready and not too heavy. As amazing as the Victoria Beckham pout is for photos, I just cannot do it!” This season, follow what Rosario Dawson does. Keep your makeup light and you cannot go wrong. That should be the top component of your summer makeup routine.

Tip #2 Spoil your skin: If you want to keep your makeup sweat proof and grease free this summer, you have to make sure that you are treating your skin well. Otherwise, it will misbehave and, often, that means, it is either dry and flaky or extremely oily.

Begin by exfoliating your skin. Depending on the technique that you are using and the instructions that come with your products, you must slough off the top layer of your skin regularly. Doing so clears your skin of the dead surface layer and impurities stuck in your pores, while simultaneously stimulating new skin to be regenerated and surfaced. Add a facial and a mask to give your skin A+ treatment, that will help it stay clear and well-hydrated, so it behaves well.

Tip#3 Treat and prime your skin: Keeping your skin moisturized will keep it from greasing, allowing you to wear your makeup intact over a longer period of time. Be very meticulous with the products that you are wearing. Look for products that will not irritate and dry out your skin. You should check the labels for denatured alcohols, butylene glycols, fragrances, and artificial colorants, which your skin will take as irritants, causing it to swell, redden, and grease.

Choose lightweight, oil-free moistuizers served up in serum and lotion formulas. Layer from the lightest to the heaviest. Make sure that each has been packed in nicely, before following through with another succeeding layer to keep the surface from becoming gooey. Do not forget to read up on reviews to see what sun protection product will best suit your skin.

Tip #4 Layer less: Whether in terms of your skin care products or your makeup, make less layering a major rule in fixing your cover up. Layering less compels you to look for products that have multiple functions. A BB cream, for example, which can easily be formulated to serve as your tinted moisturizer, concealer, sunscreen, and antioxidants should be favored over layering all of these products separately on your face. By keeping your layering sheer and minimal, you are allowing your skin to breathe.

Tip #5 Blend with cream-based products fresh out of the fridge: You do not want makeup that is cakey, which is what you will get when sweat and powder mix. Getting your makeup fresh and cool from the fridge also helps maintain its consistency and spreads more evenly over your skin. Just make sure to shake well before use. After blending in, pack tight, and return back into the fridge to keep it fresh until your next use.

Tip #6 Use only clean makeup tools: If you want your makeup to stay in place longer, you have to make sure that you are applying with the right tools that are made of high quality material. Wash and dry after use to keep it clear until next use.

Tip #7 Pack only the essentials. Wear water resistant makeup, so your pigments get maximum staying power even when you are out in the sun. Pack only the essentials that need retouching like your lip balm and maybe your lightweight BB cream or your blush. As much as possible, leave your makeup at home where you can keep it in a cool, dry place, rather than keeping it in tow outdoors or leaving it in your car where it will surely melt.


When you know the tips and tricks of the trade, you never have to think twice about whether or not to wear makeup this season.

Lisiana is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion, fitness, health, and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and has been writing on beauty and skin care related topics for the past 10 years.

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