Seven Winter Makeup Ideas For Women Over Forty

February 23, 2018

As we women age, it is important to change our beauty routine to reflect our wisdom and experience. Makeup and skincare routines that may have been appropriate for us in our twenties and thirties are no longer acceptable any longer, as our skin needs different care as we age.

We all want to remain young and youthful looking for as long as possible, and we do not necessarily want to spend more time and money on expensive products that make lofty anti-aging claims. Being able to find cheaper products that deliver consistent results is ideal. The following information will give you tips on looking and feeling your best as you reach forty and beyond:

Gloss That Pouty Lip

As we age, collagen in our skin breaks down, including the skin on and around our lips. This causes the lips to take on a thinner, dried out appearance. Combating winter dryness is an additional challenge, for regularly applied lipstick tends to dry and feather, aging the area around the mouth. Choosing a matte shade of color and follow that with some perfectly placed gloss in the middle of your pout will give the appearance of a full, hydrated, lush set of lips.

Cheaper products for lips on the market that deliver matte color and gloss combinations are available via Revlon and Löreal. Mac twig dupe shades are moisturizing as well, and deliver bright color that moisturizes and hydrates, making lips look full and youthful.

Choose A Blush Or Bronzer For A Sun Kissed Glow

Winter is a time of dark, drab cold. Having a pop of color on sun kissed cheeks makes you look and feel more youthful, and reminds you of warmer times. Choose shades that compliment your skin tone and go bold!

Choose a cheerful shade of light pink for olive skin undertones or a bright persimmon for skin that has a yellow shade to it. Your eyes will stand out against the color on your palate, and you will look youthful and refreshed.

Apply A Moisturizing Foundation

Skin at forty and beyond becomes thinner, making it look dull and lackluster. Foundation adds consistent color and depth to your look, but can quickly settle into fine lines and wrinkles, making you look older than you would like.

Choosing a hydrating foundation will plump up fine lines and wrinkles and restore that overall natural glow that you are looking for. When it comes to application, less is more; apply and blend for that all over youthful, glowing look.

Open Those Tired Eyes

As we age, we tend to lose both volume and length in lashes, the very thing that makes our eyes more feminine looking. Thickening mascaras just add bulk to tired eyes; using an eyelash curler first, then following with a lengthening formula of mascara, allows your eyes to open wide and bright.

Play Up Your Best Features

If your eyes are your best feature and you start out your day with a vibrant color palette as a shadow, only to find smudging and creasing at the end of the day, consider applying a light moisturizer underneath the shadow before application to increase staying power.

The additional moisturizer will minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the eye as well, giving a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

Apply A Shimmering Finishing Powder

To reduce natural tendencies for winter, lackluster skin, choose a finishing powder to dust over your skin that has a bit of shimmer in it. Not only will it set your makeup beautifully, it will add sparkle to your look and confidence in your step. You will be glowing inside and out.

Start with a Beautifully Clean Canvas

Start with healthy, glowing skin as your canvas for makeup application. Skin that is well cared for, with proper skincare ingredients and products, will make all the difference in the world when it comes to makeup application and overall look and feel of your skin.

Looking youthful after forty does not have to be a painful experience for women, as there are tips and tricks you can use to care for yourself and add a bit of illusion to your overall look to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Expensive products are not necessarily better; there are cheaper products on the market to address all types of beauty needs that will work for all budgets and skin types. Find what works for you, find what makes you confident, and commit to being fabulous at any age!

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