Ways To Use Coupons During Holiday Season

February 22, 2018

Holiday food, decorations, and gifts are always the top of the list for most people. However, its cost can quickly add up and take a big chunk of your budget. In fact, according to National Retail Federation, it is expected for an average consumer to spend over $800 this holiday season.

Now, you do not want to regret later right? In order to keep the cost down, you can take advantage of coupon codes and deals. Here are some tips on making the most of your coupons during the holiday seasons.

  1. Get In, Get Out

Before going to a store, you need to plan and create a list of things you will buy. This will prevent you from doing a shopping frenzy and be focused only on the things you planned to buy. Do not stay too long inside the store, as you will be very vulnerable to various marketing ploys and you might end up spending more. Get in, take the planned deals, and get out.

  1. Do Not Use Coupon On An Item That Is Fully Priced

Let us say you found a cereal priced at $4.99 and intend to use a $1-off coupon, then you are not saving money at all. This situation actually contradicts one rule of couponing: use coupons on items that are on sale.

You should wait for the cereal to be put on sale or look for sale cereal then use the coupon. For instance, the store offers a 2 for $4 promotion, in which you pay $2 for a box of the previously $4.99 cereal, then use the coupon and buy the cereal for only $1. That is 80% savings instantly. On a sale like this, you are not required to buy two boxes at all.

  1. Use The Overage

An overage is produced when coupons exceed the item’s sale price. Most stores will not give you your cash back for such overage. But, such overage will be applied to the other items in your cart. Stock up on shampoo and toothbrush, buy vegetables or meat and pays pennies for the whole cart.

  1. Present Coupons In A Particular Order

Handing the cashier your coupons in a particular order can help maximize your savings. For instance, you have a $5-off coupon for a $20 purchase, then use that coupon first. Or else, your other coupon might negate the $5-off coupon by discounting the sale’s total amount to less than $20.

Most stores apply coupons automatically in the correct order. However, just in case some stores do not then present to the cashier the minimum price coupon before using any other coupons.

  1. Stack Coupons

For every item that you purchase, use one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon. For instance, Target has a Planter’s peanut sale-priced for $2.00, you can use a $1 coupon from Planter’s Peanut, and $1 Target coupon for Planter’s peanut. Enjoy a can of peanut for free. Store coupons are available online or in their weekly flyers.

  1. Go On Small Shopping Spree

You can get the most of your coupons by using them on a small shopping spree. Buying a few items at a time can ensure you will have more savings from your coupons and sales. Some stores alternate items that are on sale, discounting a wide variety of items, at various times of the year. Taking multiple trips to the store, limiting the total amount of things you buy on every visit, and only using coupons on items that are on sale can bring you maximum savings.

  1. Do Not Buy Every Item On Sale

Not all item put on sale is a GOOD sale. For example, an item that has a regular price of $2.99 is put on sale at 2 for $5 is not much of a sale. Use coupons for a better sale to rise. Using your coupon on items that are well-discounted will maximize your savings.

Before buying an item, you need to calculate the discount item’s price and add your coupon savings in order to see if it does offer a good deal of savings. Keep in mind that you set the price that you want to pay for the item. If the sale prices of a store and your coupons will not bring you savings then do not buy such item.

  1. Do Not Use Every Coupon

Some coupons do not give you real savings. For instance, a $0.50-off coupon for two boxes of cereal do not provide you real savings. That is only $0.25 removed from each box. Even on a good sale, such coupon will not take down the total price of the cereal. Look for better coupons and use it for good sales.

In some cases, you might have better coupons, but sale items are nowhere to be seen. What is worse is that such coupons are getting closer to its expiration date. Well, you cannot do anything about it. Let the coupons expire and avoid using it on a full priced item.


Coupon codes and deals are tried and true way to maximize your saving during the holiday seasons. You might be using them already, and if you still do not, then you better try them now. There are great deals and sales available out there especially during the holiday seasons, and using a coupon to maximize such deals can really prevent your pockets and wallets from getting drained.

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