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Cool Summer Learning Activities You Should Try With Your Kid

July 14, 2022
For young children, learning should not stop simply because it is the summer holidays. It is important to keep your child interested in studying even when the school year is over to keep them engaged and motivated.  There are ways you can keep your child entertained while they learn based...

Three Ways To Spend Your Summer

July 17, 2020
Summer 2020 might not be the summer you were anticipating, nor may it be like any summer you have had before. Just because you cannot take an extravagant vacation or go to concerts and sporting events does not mean you cannot have fun. You can make the most of summer's...

Choosing The Best Inflatable SUP From Red Paddle Co — Add Some Excitement To Your Summer Activities

April 4, 2018
2018 marked Red Paddle Co's 10th year anniversary. A flurry of new models have arrived in the market since then. The 23 designs for whitewater surfing, recreation, racing and touring have already taken the world of watersports lovers by storm. This range includes one brand new design and other updated...