Choosing The Best Inflatable SUP From Red Paddle Co — Add Some Excitement To Your Summer Activities

April 4, 2018

2018 marked Red Paddle Co’s 10th year anniversary. A flurry of new models have arrived in the market since then. The 23 designs for whitewater surfing, recreation, racing and touring have already taken the world of watersports lovers by storm. This range includes one brand new design and other updated models with new graphics, renames and additional features. The launch of the new line of racing boards, surfboards, touring and recreation boards has made it quite challenging even for professionals to pick the best board for their preferred activity. Have you decided which one is the best for you before the big Dragon World Championship 2018 hits the Australian shores?

First, let us acquaint ourselves with the innovative new features of the 2018 models.

  • They boast brand new color and graphics for almost all boards and paddles.
  • 2018 is about to see the Red Paddle range introduce an entirely new material with the line of products. The injected second layer is now thicker with a reinforced material, which contributes to its increased bond strength.
  • The Explorer, Whip and Sports boards with detachable fins that belong to the line still use the FCS Connect Tool-free Fin Systems. These allow the fins to snap back into position quickly without the use of tools and hardware.
  • For Elites and Max Races, the racing board models have new race fin that looks both suave and super cool in the waters.
  • The repair gear comes with detachable fin and an extra screw or pin.
  • The handles are now softer and they come with the embroidered logo of the brand.
  • The Red Paddle Co backpack now comes in two designs – Classic and All-Terrain Rugged versions for enhanced comfort and better ease of traveling.
  • Many of the newer models bear a third set of d-rings for attaching a gear with bungees on the expanded deck.
  • The Titan hand pump with dual cylinder comes with upgraded seals and handles for the new line.

There have been significant upgrades in design, color, and additional features, but there has not been a substantial increase in the prices since 2017.

The addition of the new features and the introduction of a brand new limited-edition anniversary model can make you wonder which board you should pick for hitting the water this summer. While you might feel that the revamp and the introduction of newer models make choosing the right one more challenging, in reality, Red Paddle Co has made the selection process much more hassle-free. Each model is listed with detailed features, improvements, and guidelines for each rider to make the best choice.

How can you pick the best Red Paddle Co Paddle Board for this summer?

Picking the right inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has everything to do with your height, weight, balance, activity and fundamental physics. If you are hoping to rule the surf this summer, your board needs to be lithe enough to keep you afloat, but sturdy enough to withstand your weight. However, yoga boards will have different needs. These boards can bypass aerodynamic features that help racing boards to gain momentum. The purpose is one of the significant factors that play the central role during the shopping process. Below are a few general rules that can help you buy the right type of board.

Choice based on the height and weight of the rider

Some general rules of the thumb for choosing a SUP are:

  • If you are below 140 pounds and below the height of 5’7″, you should go with a shorter board.
  • If you are between 140 pounds and 200 pounds, pick one that is between 10 and 11 feet in length.
  • You should choose a board with a length between 11 and 13 feet if you weigh above 200 pounds and are 6’1″ or more in height.

Choice based on purpose and activity

Just knowing your height and weight is not always enough to choose the right SUP Board for the best performance. For example, Yoga requires inflatable SUPs that are wider than the average paddling board that you would otherwise need based on your height and weight. Racing and surfing boards need to be narrower since they need minimum water drag and focused weight distribution. The design of the boards is of paramount importance since it determines how the rider will glide on the water or catch the waves.

Choice based on air pressure

Choose a board that remains stable when inflated. Boards with thicker material layers feel more robust when compared to the inflatables with thinner layers. Models from the new Red Paddle Co 2018 anniversary line remain equally stable and reliable. What you should consider is the volume of comparable models. This will determine how long it will take to inflate before you hit the waters, and how high they float (or sit) on the water. While buying, do not forget to check that the average pressure of the board can be at least 15 psi. PSI is the pounds per square inch measure that tells you how much pressure you can inflate the board to for optimum performance. Higher pressures lead to stiffer boards. However, if you are lightweight, you can always manage with lower pressure in your board. The longer and wider boards from the 2018 range often perform better at higher pressures of 18 to 20 PSI.

Additional features that can make Red Paddle Co SUP Boards your best friend this summer

Traveling to your favorite surfing destination with your favorite surfboard is now a lot easier. The new 2018 range (except the three largest ones) comes with two backpack options. You can roll them out of your main door, through the airport lobby and right on the sandy beaches where the waves await your arrival! Each board comes with the Titan dual pump which replaces the older pumps which were called HP EZee. The new range also includes the repair kit, cell phone case and other brand new add-ons.

Shopping for an inflatable paddle board can be a bit more complicated than you might have thought initially. You should always stick to authentic reviews for guidance. You may even find a few hidden features, special anniversary offers, and new shapes that will change the way you ride those waves!

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