Six Ways To Make The Most Of This Summer

July 19, 2018

Ahhh, summer — is there anything better? Between its sultry temperatures and seemingly endless days, no one wants it to end. Alas, it always does, but that does not mean we cannot make the most of it while we can. Do not waste a single minute being bored, as you want to hit all the items on your bucket list, especially if you live in an area of the country where colder weather always seems to be nipping at your (bare!) heels. Need some inspiration? We can help. Read on for six ways to make the most of this summer. Go forth and get sandy!

  1. Hit The Water

There is something about being in water that is so cleansing. Since most of us cannot swim all year long — whether it is in the pool, lake, or ocean — it is important to enjoy it as much as we can during the summer months. Even if you are not a fan of actually immersing yourself (hey, we can appreciate that), try to be water adjacent as much as possible. Trust us when we tell you that it is just good for the soul. And if you have kids, there is nothing more fun to do than letting them frolic in the waves. You will never hear “I’m bored” if you are next to a body of water — it is a given.

  1. Get Festive

Summer whimsy is a real thing and not something to ignore. Whether it is a themed party or a 4thof July parade, this season is the epitome of festive. Be bold or go home during this throw-caution-to-the-wind (within reason!) time of year. Throw a luau, wear your pride shirts to your local parade, or consider coordinating a golf-themed bar crawl. The couch and Netflix will come calling soon enough, so get out there and enjoy yourselves.

  1. Hit The Road

Sure, flying to see friends and family is a blast, but is there anything better than a good road trip? Some of us can handle the long ones, while others know that an 8-hour round-trip is the max. Whatever works for you — go for it. Grab your snacks, drinks, a map, and head out there. The harsh truth is that road trips do cut into our time with family and friends since it is much slower than flying, but if you have the time to take off of work, make it an adventure. Map out landmarks to see along the way. Play games. Talk about life. This is the stuff memories are made of and the moments you will never forget.

  1. Marvel In Music

Music is something we can enjoy all year long, but there is nothing better than the many outdoor music festivals that go on during the summertime. While these outdoor concerts and festivals are fantastic, those on a budget can surely find alternatives. Most cities throw free concerts in the park or on the beach, so grab your friends, pack a blanket, and head on out. Do not forget the picnic basket filled with snacks and beverages. There is no better time to dance like no one is watching than summer.

  1. Enjoy Nature

Whether or not you enjoy the creepy crawlies that come along with the summer heat, it is the time to get outdoors. Go on hikes, catch butterflies. Soon enough, colder temperatures will be sending you indoors, so get out and take in all the nature that your town has to offer. From zoos and parks to trails and natural formations, every town has something to offer when it comes to breathing in the fresh air.

  1. Enjoy The Fanfare (or Fair)

County fairs are not universally loved by all, but if you are a fan, you probably know there is nothing better. From fried food and nostalgic bands, to raucous rides and face painting, the fair offers truly wholesome fun. You do not have to go more than once (unless you want to), but an annual summer fair visit is a must. If you find something at the fair that is delicious, you can search for beginner cooking classes near me.

Whether it is fairs for frolicking or beaches for swimming this summer, we beg of you — do not just let this stellar season pass you by without a bit of fun. Enjoy any or all of these activities and your traditions will be set for years to come!

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