Foam board printing: when your business signs need customization and cost-effectiveness

July 20, 2018

now. Foamcore or foam board is a remarkable material that provides much necessary support and integrity to sign prints. Presentations, conferences, seminars, way finders and temporary signage have made foamboard printing famous in the recent times. Printing on the slightly firmer and significantly durable board enables you to design new aisle markers for department stores and libraries, print standing signs for your storefront and create artwork for your office and home. Whether your design house calls it paper-face foamboard, foam core board or kappa board, they are referring to the robust, easy-to-cut and light-weight material.

If you want to design and print the signs for your brand, you can start by locating a few stores that sell foamboards. Several office supply stores and box stores stock up on foam core boards from time to time. In case you need a few small sized boards then you should be able to find them at your local store. However, to get your hands on custom ones, you may want to talk to digital design agencies. While managing foamboards is exceptionally straightforward, printing on them might not be as easy. You can cut these boards with paper knives and straight razors, but you will need specialized printers for the latter process. Unless you want to paste printed paper onto the board (which does not qualify as foamboard printing), you will require specialized machinery that can print photographs, text and graphic designs onto the board.

What kinds of designs are perfect for foam board signs?

You can print any design you choose on these foam core designs. In fact, your imagination imposes the only limitation of foam core printing. Marketing teams and advertisers prefer printing directly on the foam board signs to create a three dimensional and vivid image. It creates a flush look that does not show the irregularities of paper cut on the board. For better effect, you can choose a matte finish or a waterproof glossy finish. The lamination process usually costs about 20% of the printing process. Therefore, the cost is also customizable for each client. Outdoor signs on foam board perform better with UV ink on them. The combination of the UV ink and waterproof top coat makes the sign entirely weatherproof. A matte finish reduces the glare, and it is perfect for areas that have multiple sources of light or for flash photography. An excellent foam core sign can last a month or even more irrespective of direct sunshine and rain.

Why do entrepreneurs, large corporations, shop owners and architects love foam core printing?

The upper layer of it is durable and hardy. It prevents daily wear and tear from setting in. It preserves the vibrant colors and keeps the message legible. That is why most businesses and brands prefer using foam core signs for their indoor adverts and store decors. Most companies prefer using these materials for temporary necessities. For example – you will be able to see them during store renovations (pointing you to the new location of the store) and during the yearly end of season sale (for posing the offers and discounts). In fact, most corporations pick this material for temporary use only. You will find an abundance of foamboard signs during trade expos, conferences and business seminars. These are the foam core poster boards that are slightly larger. Printing on a board of larger dimensions will help the audience see the content clearly from a distant. Using vibrant colors, large lettering and simple fonts will help you build a rapport with your target audience in record time.

How can you increase the strength of a foamboard print?

You can pick any size of foamboard for printing. Sometimes, the digital printing companies have more common dimensions that cost lesser than the massive ones you get to see inside malls and arcades. However, you can customize them to any size you see fit. Their thickness is about 3/16-inches normally, but you can alter that too. You need a reliable team of designers to help you modify the dimension according to your needs. The other standard variants are 1/8-inch, 3/8th-inch, and ½-inch. Depending on the unique necessities of a business, the digital design companies adjust the thickness, width, and height of the board. For example – prototyping projects require tiny pieces of the same, with an equal amount of precision.

What is double sided foam board printing?

Have you always wondered what kind of foam board would look good on your clear store window? In case of a tinted window, you can use a temporary sign on the outside informing the passersby about the ongoing offers and discounts inside your store. However, for clear glass, you need to pick something that looks good from both sides. Choosing a single-sided print will eventually mean your customers will get to see a bare back of the sign when they step in, or you will have to print another sign of identical dimensions. There is one way to step out of this problem – you should check out double-sided foam core printing. They cost a little more than single-sided printing, but they are amazing for pop-up adverts and visual presentations, where you can flip the board to convey double the volume of information.

What do you need to remember before ordering a foam core print?

A foam core has a softer center than gator boards. The former is hence useful for temporary signs and is considerably cheaper too. If you need a sign that will be ephemeral, your best option is to go with a foam core print. Nonetheless, you can increase its lifespan by opting for increasing thickness. Instead of the more common 3/16-inch, you should try the 1/2 –inch thickness board that can last you for almost 12 months.

The only drawback to a foam core without waterproof coating is its affinity towards moisture. It can absorb water from the air, and that can warp the internal structure causing the top coat to crack in places. Always remember that these prints are perfect for temporary needs and you will need to understand the purpose of the sign clearly before specifying the dimension, ink type, and laminate finish.

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