Top Tips For Keeping Kids Healthy And Safe This Summer

June 3, 2021

Many children enjoy playing outside, but as parents, we are naturally worried about their safety. Fortunately, there is plenty that you can do to keep your children comfortable, safe, and healthy while they are playing outside. Read on to find out how.

Have A ‘Grab And Go’ Bag Prepared

Being prepared is one of the keys to keeping kids safe outside. A large ‘grab and go’ bag is the greatest way to be prepared. You need one whether it is in the car with you on outings to soccer games or excursions to the beach or park, or even on a playdate to a friend’s house. One with lots of pockets is ideal for carrying around spare snacks and drinks, band-aids, suncream and sun hats, wipes, and anything else that you might need for a few hours outside with the kids.

Make Sure They Are Hydrated 

When kids are immersed in their games and outdoor adventures, they often forget the essentials of eating and drinking. While it will generally not hurt to miss a snack, not drinking enough can make them extremely unwell, especially in the warmer water. Encourage them to keep hydrated by carrying bottles of water with you wherever you go that they can sip from every so often. If they do not like the taste of your standard tap water, invest in water softeners. You can also add a little bit of fresh fruit to give it a delicious taste – cucumber and mint are incredibly refreshing in the heat.

Do Not Forget The Sun Protection

The last thing you want is to be dealing with a sore and sunburned child later on in the day, or even worse, one with sunstroke. Not only does it cause short-term discomfort, but it can put your children at a greater chance of skin cancer in the future. Try to keep them out of the direct sunlight between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm, slather on the high factor sun cream regularly, reapplying after they have been in the water, and wear a cap, preferably with a peak to protect the eyes and neck. 

Be Aware Of Water Safety

Far too many children still die in drowning accidents every year, so it is a point that every parent should be aware of, no matter the age or apparent swimming strength of their child. Make sure that you are watching your child if you are around open bodies of water and that any pools and ponds are fenced off or covered with a net. Make sure that younger children can not fit through any gaps in the fence and are unable to open the gate. To ensure that gates are not unintentionally left open for a little person to run through, consider one that closes automatically.

Remove Any Poisonous Plants From The Yard

We can teach children not to put anything in their mouths, but there are always going to be children who are curious about what that plant tastes like. To remove the temptation, remove any poisonous plants from the yard,

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