Three Ways To Spend Your Summer

July 17, 2020

Summer 2020 might not be the summer you were anticipating, nor may it be like any summer you have had before. Just because you cannot take an extravagant vacation or go to concerts and sporting events does not mean you cannot have fun. You can make the most of summer’s long, sunny days by partaking in outdoor activities, taking up new hobbies, or doing something you have never tried before like that escape room you keep hearing about:

1. Trying Out A New Activity

Summer is a time of travel and new experiences. Why not try out something new that will be both challenging and fun? Escape rooms, which are popping up in cities across the United States, might just be the answer you are looking for. They are a game that involves teams of players who must discover clues to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks. Each team must accomplish these tasks to progress through the game, sometimes to different rooms, and achieve the goal in a limited amount of time. The ultimate goal is often to escape the room. 

This engaging game is a great experience for a large group of friends or family to work together, be creative, and hopefully laugh along the way. There are many different themed escape rooms to cater to your interests. Some escape rooms in Los Angeles offer pirate, jungle, or vampire-themed rooms among dozens of other choices. Choose the best escape room for your group and get ready to have so much fun!

2. Travel Locally

Even though a long trip is not in the cards this year, that does not mean you still cannot explore locally. Summer is the perfect season to get in touch with nature and stay active. The best part? In the wide expanse of nature, you will likely be able to go on adventures while avoiding crowds. There are many ways to enjoy the natural offerings of the region you live in that do not require you to hop on long flights. For instance, you can bike on trails, hike through national parks, camp in the mountains, or have a bonfire on the beach. Need more of a reason to be outside other than to satisfy your craving for travel? Well, the mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors are abundant, including improving your mood, relieving anxiety, and inspiring your creative side. 

If you are less of an active soul, consider a more low-key adventure like a long drive to a random destination on the map, a picnic in a park, or a day-trip to a local town you have never visited. You can have a great time by creating a sense of adventure for yourself and having a change of environment, no matter the capacity. And if you are wanting to fully maximize your experience, why not buy some comfortable travel clothes? Whether you buy merino wool for hiking or a new jacket to dress up, invest in new travel clothes for women to suit your needs and turn your staycation into a vacation.

3. Exploring Your Creativity 

Staying active and engaged during the long days of summer is important. With more time and less traditional summer activities and events to partake in this year, this summer is prime time to get creative.

Get creative in the kitchen by baking or cooking up some new recipes. Invest in art supplies and experiment with drawing or painting. Dig up your camera that has been sitting in your closet for years and start experimenting with photography. Are you a master of words? Sit down with a pen and notebook and let the words flow in the form of a short story or poem. Or use your free time to inspire home improvements. Refinish an old piece of furniture or make colorful flower arrangements to brighten up your home. 

If you are struggling to get in a creative space, read a book, look for inspiration around you, or set up a space that allows you to get in the zone. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process of exploration.

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