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Review: Strol App

Strol App
July 2, 2016
In my opinion, a person -- especially a traveler -- can never have too many apps! There is one in particular that I believe everyone should download, if they do not have it already, and it is called Strol. Strol's main purpose is to make sightseeing super convenient. As a...

Five Essential Backpack Fillers

July 1, 2016
Are you one of the lucky ones who has decided to take some time off to travel the world? To visit magical parts of the planet that the rest of us can only dream about? If so, then the following list of five essential backpack fillers will help you maximise your trip....

Why You Should Take A Trip To A City Before You Move There

June 29, 2016
Moving to a new city is exciting. It means a new job, new friends, and new adventures! However, starting a new life is also a big decision. It helps to take a trip to a new city before you move to make sure that you are making the right decision....

Sauntering Around Europe

Beach in Greece
June 28, 2016
There are plenty to places to see in Europe; it would take years to enjoy it all. The small continent offers a plethora of activities and sights for everyone to enjoy. Each country possess a different vibe and different flavor. Whether it is unique architectural designs, tastes of their amazing...

Birthday’s Are Magical

Surprise Birthday
June 26, 2016
Today, June 27th, is my husband's 31st Birthday! I have always thought that a person's Birthday should be celebrated with great fanfare. Everyone deserves one day a year where their life is honored and they get to feel special. Since getting married, I have tried to make Lucas' Birthdays magical...