My Secret Adventure (Part 5)

July 1, 2011

When I walked into my room at Hotel Moreno, any sign of jetlag immediately disappeared as I was completely enchanted by my surroundings.

I am typically drawn to boutique hotels with a shabby-chic, eclectic feel to them as they are graced with a human touch, but there is something about the clean, modern aesthetic of Hotel Moreno that is just so refreshing!  Oh and speaking of refreshing, any hotel that has a “coffee kit” in their rooms is instantly a winner in my book.

Of course the views from my windows were equally refreshing.

Unfortunately, American Airlines had misplaced my luggage.  However, in return for the inconvenience they gave me $150, which happen to go a long way in pesos.  Thus, before going to dinner, my best friend/co-conspirator in this secret trip, Julie, met me at a nearby mall to find the perfect dress for our date.


After the dress was successfully found at Trosman’s, we headed to one of our favorite restaurant’s in the city, Cafe San Juan.  Over a bottle of Malbec and pumpkin gnocchi, we went over every single detail of the following day.

Neither of us could hardly believe that we were in fact sitting in front of each other, nor about to pull off the biggest surprise in my husband’s life ever.  With our last glasses of wine, we made a toast to ‘enjoying the moment,’ because we knew this trip would pass by faster than we would like it to and there were a lot of beautiful and unforgettable moments that lay ahead.

If you should choose to stay at Hotel Moreno in the future, email General Manager Jeremías Meinardi ( and mention my name and/or my blog and a special discounted rate will be given.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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41 thoughts on “My Secret Adventure (Part 5)

  1. Nancy

    Looks like a perfect hotel! I’ll remember it when I’m lucky enough to get to BA again. And that pumpkin gnocchi is drool-worthy! I was so surprised about the amazing Italian food in BA…didn’t expect it!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      I LOVE the Italian food in BsAs. I’ve heard so many people complain about the food in Argentina, but I looove it!!! Definitely remember Moreno for your next trip. You won’t be disappointed I promise.

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of my new dress, but yes it’s totally avant-garde! It’s called “the Japan dress.” It’s sooo fabulous!!! One day I’ll get a pic in it. Every time I visit BsAs I try to buy a new dress from there.

  2. Stephanie

    oh how fun! sorry about the misplaced luggage but at least they helped make it up! Looks like you hare having a blast and that hotel looks gorgeous!

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      Well, they helped to make it up after Julie yelled at them on the phone haha, but I’m happy to have acquired a new dress! And yes, the hotel is gorgeous!!!

  3. Alex

    What a fun surprise! You must have had a hard time not running straight to your new husband as soon as the plane arrived 🙂

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      OMG I was going CRAZY! I lost a whole day and a half that I could have been with him, but I got to be with my bestie & it was totally worth it in the end!!! 🙂

  4. Kyle

    I have so much to say about this.
    A. I love the Moreno.
    B. That pumpkin gnocchi looks delish.

    Sorry, all caps is rude, but I want to see that photo SO bad! 🙂

    1. Andi Perullo Post author

      A. Ditto
      B. I can promise you the entire plate was cleaned.
      C. I’m dying to see the video and photos sooooo bad too!!! PROMISE you’ll be the amongst the 1st to see them. Loves!


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