Review: Space Bag To Go Bags

July 3, 2011

Recently, I was sent a product called Space Bag To Go Bags to review.  It was perfect timing, as I had just begun to pack for my eight day trip to the Dominican Republic.  As a beach lover and water sport enthusiast, I always want to bring every single bathing suit that I own when traveling to a warm-weathered location, however I never have enough space in my luggage to bring them all.  I was quite excited to have discovered a product that potentially could solve my packing dilemma!  Before I could test the product, I had to come up with my fashion inspiration look board:

Then, I placed eight bathing suits, yes, you read that correctly, into one of the bags.

Space Bag To Go Bags


I followed the incredibly easy instructions and within seconds my eight bathing suits were compressed so tightly that they now took up the same space as if I had only brought three.

Space Bag To Go Bags


Verdict:  I am in love!  I am completely hooked and will be using my Space Bag To Go Bags on every single trip in the future whether or not I am carrying on or checking in my luggage.  It would be foolish of me not to, since they save so much space.  In fact, the company claims on their website that the bags save twice as much space, yet I dare say they save three times as much.  Truly, every traveler should invest in these.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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15 thoughts on “Review: Space Bag To Go Bags

  1. Hogga

    Damn girl! I always see commercials for this and didn’t even think about it to fit in my backpack. I totally OVERPACK clothes, I can’t help it haha. I refuse to leave things behind.

  2. The Travel Chica

    That is pretty impressive. I tried some other space saver bags when I was packing for my current long-term travels, but they were actually worse. Looks like you’ve found a better option.

  3. Alex

    I LOVE these bags. I left filled them with all the clothes I left behind in “storage” (aka my parent’s house) before I left traveling 🙂

  4. Julie

    I love these Space Bags. One of my first adult investments was three entire sets when I moved from New York City to Argentina. I use the space saver ones every time when I travel. I have had the same sets for over 6 years now. They are great! You really need to follow instructions when layering everything to get the bag to work with you but after a couple of tries you become a pro. It encourages bad shopping behavior with all the extra room in your suitcase! Love it!


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