Simple Tips To Plan The Perfect Family Friendly Party

August 16, 2016

A family party. It should be an event filled with fun, but if you are the one responsible for planning the event, it can be incredibly stressful. Family parties can often be more demanding to plan, than parties where all of your guests are simply friends and acquaintances. Families can have different ideas of what is fun, are often widely varied in their ages, and in many cases, can be difficult to impress.

So, how do you plan a party that everyone in your family is going to love, from great-grandparents to the youngest kids in the family?

Potluck Style

When you are hosting a family party, one of the easiest and least expensive ways to handle the food is to do it potluck style. Your family can share their favorite traditions in the form of food, and as the host, you are under a lot less pressure. Rather than worrying about what to serve, you can instead focus on the more fun elements of the party, such as the drinks and decorations. If you are doing a potluck, you might want to think about serving it family style, with everyone seated at the table and passing items around, as opposed to doing a buffet. This is because it will give everyone the opportunity to socialize and have a real meal, rather than standing and eating quickly or going off into separate corners.

Choose A Theme

Just because you are hosting a party for the family, it does not mean you can make it an all-out bash. Just as you would with any other party, set a theme and build your party around that. A fun idea for families is to do a Hawaiian luau-themed party. The decorations will be relatively inexpensive, you can serve food that centers around barbecue, and attendees of all ages are likely to have a good time with this. Along with your theme, add a signature cocktail or punch that everyone will enjoy, rather than having the standard family options, such as beer and soda.

Add Some Music

Anytime you go to a party, even if it is just for the family, and there is no sound, it makes people feel uncomfortable and it can be difficult to spark conversations. You can instantly make your family feel more at ease and ready for conversation and fun by adding background music. Try to keep the music simple and make sure everyone from great-grandma to the teens in the family will enjoy it.

Simplify Cleanup

When you are the host of a family party, cleanup can become problematic. Everyone seems to want to help, but that distracts from being able to actually have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Alleviate cleanup duties as much as possible, so no one feels any obligations. Use disposable or recyclable dishes, silverware, and cups. You can then dump everything in the trash at the end and get back to enjoying time with your family.

With a little planning, being in charge of the next family party can go from a chore to a treat!

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