Adventure On The Coast

August 16, 2016

You are so excited! It has been decided that your next adventure will be somewhere along the coast. You have narrowed it down to either the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, but that is still a lot of coastline to choose from. Let us look at a few exciting adventures waiting for you:

Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Ocean is half the size of the Pacific; making its waters warmer. It also receives more fresh water through run-offs than any other ocean.

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wright Bay, is Ocean City, Maryland, a resort town featuring miles of beach and a wooden boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops, and the perfect Ocean City hotel waiting to accommodate you on your adventure.

North Carolina’s coastline produces the waves that surfers love. National Geographic named Wrightsville Beach one of the world’s 20 best surf towns.

For a deep sea adventure concerning treasure slip on your scuba gear and explore “The Graveyard of the Atlantic” on the coast of North Carolina where entire ships were lost in the night.

Maybe your adventure is waiting along the 300 miles of North Carolina coast offering fishing, hang gliding, sky diving, and kiteboarding?

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water and its name comes from the Latin word “paci-firus” which means peaceful.

Mission Beach is a community built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay in San Diego, California. The community boasts of ten things visitors must do on their adventure inclusive of walking on the beach.

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are connected and is said to be the nicest beach in San Diego. Add great shopping, surfing, famous paddleboat cruises, great food, biking, and an ocean of many other attractions to add pizazz to your adventure.

The Pacific Coast Highway is known to be one of the most scenic drives in the world. Just the drive at a leisurely pace takes about ten hours to complete without any stops. The views of the coastline are breathtaking!

To add to your adventure, there are many places to stop and visit along the way. The Golden Gate Bridge is a great place to start. If you like museums and galleries, then San Jose should be your next stop along your coastal drive. Santa Cruz is a great stop for walking on the beach with a historical lighthouse and they are also known for the Big Dipper and a beautiful beach.

Monterey Bay will be your next stop leading you out to the Big Sur, which is a rural mountain community with a hipster flair. You will have crossed over the Bixby Bridge, which is the tallest single span concrete bridge in the world and one of the most photographed.

Malibu will be on your coastal route. It is made up of fifteen miles of state beaches. This coastal adventure could be spread out over a couple of weeks for an amazing scenic adventure along the pacific coast.

There is a lot of coastline, which means you will just have to plan more adventures!

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