Commercial VS Residential: Which Cleaning Services Chicago To Choose?

August 19, 2016

When you are searching for cleaning services on Google, you will get search results which contain the details of both commercial cleaners, as well as residential cleaners. It is up to you to choose a service provider based on your need. You cannot hire a commercial cleaner for your home or a residential cleaner for your office. Plus, you need to understand the main points of difference, so as to make the perfect choice.

The prime point of difference between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning services is the fact that one service provider serves private homes, whereas the other services commercial properties, mainly office buildings. There are certain commercial service providers as well, who provide home cleaning offers, but the choice is completely reliant upon you. If you think that after new construction, you need some heavy lifting and thorough cleaning, then commercial is the way to go. For simple spring cleaning, residential service providers should be good enough.

We will now look at the points of difference between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services Chicago. So read on to find out more:

Commercial Cleaning

  • They usually send executives after the day’s work has been completed
  • They clean all kinds of floor surfaces: wood, tile, ceramic, linoleum, laminate, etc
  • They carry vacuum cleaners to vacuum carpets and floor rugs
  • They replace all the air freshener cartridges around the office as and when necessary
  • They clean each and every washroom located in any part of the office space
  • They clean glass doors and windows
  • They mop ceramic, tile, linoleum, laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring
  • They make sure to empty all trash receptacles all around the building
  • They clean the cafeteria, smoking areas, and the break room
  • They dust every piece of furniture in the building, such as file cabinets, desks, venetian blinds, etc
  • They clean all the ceiling fans and even change the filters of the air conditioning

Residential Cleaning

  • They load the dishwasher and wash all dishes
  • They wash all clothes using the washer and the dryer
  • They mop and sweep all non carpeted floors
  • They make the beds and change the linen
  • They change bedding sets every 30 days
  • They water all the plants around the house
  • They dust all wooden furniture, such as, book cases, end tables, etc
  • They clean all the ceiling fans around the house and ensure that they remain dust free
  • They scrub the bathroom floors, tub, and shower
  • They clean all mirrors and glass surfaces around the house
  • They pick up clutter and hang up clothing

Now coming to the prime difference, both types of service providers offer expert cleaning solutions, but only commercial cleaning services Chicago will offer you a variety of services. Thus, if you are planning on spending money on cleaning services, then go for such service providers only. Commercial cleaners are not only efficient, they are also quite affordable due to the wide array of services they provide.

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