A Quick Guide To Spending A Weekend In The Windy City

August 28, 2021

Are you thinking about planning a trip this year? If so, you might want to consider going on an adventure in the Windy City. compared with New York and LA, Chicago is often completely overlooked, however, it does have a lot to offer as you are about to discover. 

Here are just some examples of the fun activities that you can explore on a trip to Chicago:

Pick Up A Pizza

No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to one of the world famous pizzeria. Such as Rosati’s. Chicago pizza rivals that of those that you can purchase in either New York or even Italy and has a unique and authentic flavor. One distinct feature is also the crust which is thicker than pizzas you might have tried before. Of course, not all pizza parlors are equal so we recommend that you check the reviews before you travel or just ask the locals when you are there. 

Visit The Art Institute

The art institute is one of the most impressive and interesting attractions that Chicago has to offer. Housed inside is more than 300,000 different pieces of artwork for you to peruse. There are numerous reasons to visit this attraction including, the chance to see some iconic paintings up close and personal such as A Sunday On La Grande which is world famous due to its appearance in American Gothic. As well as some classic pieces it is also worth checking out the contemporary collection for the latest examples of wart from artists around the world. 

Say Hello To The Animals

If you are visiting Chicago with the family then you can also take a trip to Lincoln park zoo, as the name suggests this is located in the centre of Lincoln Park. There are more than 1000 animals to encounter. The zoo is particularly noteworthy as it is one of the last free zoos operating in the country today. Despite Covid still being apparent all of the zoos restrictions have now been lifted while it is still advised that you wear a mask this certainly makes it easier as a day out that you can plan for you and your kids. 

Go To The Millennium 

Finally, you might want to consider taking a trip to Millennium park. This is one of the most popular outdoor areas in the entire city and it stretches over a tremendous 24.5 acres so you should have no problem finding your own private stretch of green to enjoy in the summer sun. As well as being the perfect place to relax this park also plays host to public art work and a range of special events. You can even catch some free live music here if you visit in the middle of summer. We certainly recommend that you go on a walk through the incredible Lurie gardens. 

We hope this shows why Chicago could be a fantastic place to visit on your next trip. That is true whether you are taking a journey with your partner or going on an adventure with the whole family. 

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