Traveler’s Guide: Three Of The Best Ways To See The Great City Of Chicago

June 9, 2023

Known as “the Windy City”, Chicago, or Chi-town to some, is the third-largest city in the United States and home to more than 2.6 million residents. 

This is a city that stands as a landmark to the midwest and is often considered a gateway to the west as the once iconic Route 66 begins in this town. But with all of the people living, working, and visiting Chicago, getting around can prove to be difficult.

In addition, with all of Chicago’s numerous sights to see, knowing where to stay and how to navigate the city and have a pleasant experience while doing so can be overwhelming. 

If you want to see Chicago and not be stressed out by the multitude of roadways, there are a few strategies for making your experience one to remember. Here, we will explore three of the best ways to see Chicago in today’s busy world.

Charter Bus Rentals

Being one of the nation’s largest cities, both in population and in size, Chicago can be overwhelming to drive around on your own, even if you are a local. This is one major reason why touring the city via a Chicago charter bus rental is an attractive option. 

Charter bus drivers know the city well, and they know how to get to and from large attractions with ease. This is why many choose to take a charter bus in Chicago, so you can relax and let someone else do all the driving. This is especially true for large travel Blog groups.

Additionally, charter buses have plenty of room for you to store your belongings while you travel around the city. And, you will have plenty of space for the souvenirs that you will most likely want to bring home with you. 

If you are interested in a relaxing environment and being able to socialize with others while you are on vacation, taking a charter bus is the way to go.


Much like New York City, Chicago is largely pedestrian-friendly. And, you will want to manage your time wisely by getting out and walking to see many of the major attractions that Chicago has to offer. 

Fortunately, many of Chicago’s main attractions, including the renowned Chicago museums, are conveniently located near downtown. Choose to stay in a hotel in the downtown area. You will find yourself ideally situated to explore the city on foot, allowing you to quickly immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and experience the rich cultural offerings, including the fascinating museums Chicago offers.

In addition, there are several popular walking tours around Chicago that are choice options for many locals and tourists. A shortlist of these walking tours is as follows:

  • Crime tours
  • Bizarre Bucktown
  • Chinatown 
  • Chicago Architecture Center
  • Food Planet 
  • Tastebud tours 

You will want to adhere to any local guidelines when going on walking tours such as social distancing and masking, as COVID-19 is still surging within this part of the country. 


Believe it or not, Chicago is regarded as one of the best large cities for bicycling in the country, on par with places like Portland and Seattle. 

The city has more than 200 miles of protected, shared, and buffered biking lanes across the city. In addition, there are more than 13,000 bike racks along with high-capacity bike parking facilities located at several CTA rail stations. 

With all of the accommodations for bicycling within Chicago, this offers both locals and tourists the option of exercising and seeing the city, while helping the city of Chicago to reduce its carbon footprint.

And as many sheltered bike parking areas can be found near major attractions, instead of walking you can easily get to your destination a bit quicker via bike. Just make sure to lock your bike properly when visiting places. 

Chicago is home to huge skyscrapers, numerous attractions, and some of the best midwestern cuisine around. As such, this town is a favorite destination for those who want to explore the larger cities of the United States. And with all there is to see in the great city of Chicago, you will likely want to plan at least a week’s long visit. 

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