What Should You Buy Before Christmas?

December 13, 2022

Although the stores will only be closed for a few days over the Christmas period – perhaps just one day in many cases – a lot of people like to stay at home between Christmas and new year and just enjoy doing nothing and being with loved ones. If that sounds like you, you are not going to want to head out to the store at that time. On top of that, there are some things you will definitely need to make Christmas go smoothly. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should buy before Christmas.


If you are hosting Christmas, this one does not need to be on your list, but if you are traveling anywhere to spend time with loved ones or friends, you will definitely want to take heed. If possible, try to have a full tank of gas if you are driving anywhere – the last thing you will want to do is run out and get stranded or get to the festivities late because you had to stop off at a garage on the way.

It is also a good idea to buy any tickets you need well in advance. Whether you are taking a plane, train, or bus, buying ahead of time means you will definitely get a seat, and it can often be cheaper too.

Heating Oil

If you are having people over – or even if you just want a nice cozy home for when you are not out visiting others – and you use oil to heat your property, make sure you contact your oil company in advance if you are running low. They will be busy at this time of year, and if you want everyone to stay warm and comfortable, it is wise to think about this before you actually run out of fuel.  


As we said, the stores will likely only be closed for one or two days, so you are not going to starve if you do not do a big shop before Christmas Day. However, if you want to offer your guests a great time, potentially including a full Christmas dinner, you will need to plan your menu, write your shopping list, and make sure you buy everything you need. You will not have time to dash out to get something even if the stores are open. Plus, it is much more fun and relaxing to know you’re fully prepared.


Someone will always buy someone else something that needs batteries, and often those batteries will not be included in the gift. If you want to be the hero at Christmas and not have any disappointed children (because it is more than likely going to be a toy that needs the power, although it could be anything), have a stash of batteries of various sizes in your home. Even if you do not end up using them, they will come in useful at some point, so it is certainly not a waste of money.

Doing all of these things will mean you are completely ready to celebrate the festive period, whether you are going to a loved one’s house or you are having people over to you

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