Review: Travel App World Around Me (WAM)

December 23, 2013

I am an app addict, thus when I was asked to review the new travel app World Around Me, otherwise known as WAM, I jumped at the opportunity.  This location based app is unlike any other and is designed to help you explore your surroundings by putting you at the center of it all and bringing Google Maps to life.  Now you can navigate your immediate environment both seamlessly and efficiently — a traveler’s dream come true!

This free app is quickly becoming a favorite amongst savvy travelers.  The design is super user-friendly and the graphics are bold and inviting.  It can be downloaded on either IOS or Android operating systems and is already being accessed by thousands of people across 140 different countries.  Visitors no longer need to be anxious about traveling to an unfamiliar place, as locations in cities are found instantly.

The only thing a user has to do is input their own search term or select from one of the fourteen defined categories, hold up their smartphone, and wait as the virtual world around them populates with digitally generated signposts.  It is as easy as that!  Each signpost updates in real time and is sourced from Google Places.  Users are given the direction of their desired location, how far away it is, and reviews from others about it.  If the user wants more detailed information, all that is required is that they click on the signpost.

WAM has been rated by the National Geographic Traveller as “one of the best local guide apps”.  Co-founder and CEO Tarun Sainani explains, “WAM is designed to help everyone; not just globe-trotting travelers.  Whether you are adrift in a strange city on the other side of the world or visiting friends on the other side of a familiar city, WAMMING can help you feel at home in your surroundings and makes finding the facilities you need easy.  The world is changing and the amount of data at our fingertips can be confusing.  WAM is designed with the user at its heart — what could be easier than holding up your phone and seeing the streets in front of you spring to life with the information you need?  So next time you need a helping hand making sense of a strange city, why not WAM it?”
World Around Me
Never worry about navigating ever again by WAMMING on your next travel adventure!  To find out more about WAM you can visit or you can watch an introductory video here.


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