Five Main Factors To Consider Before Buying Gnome Statues

July 8, 2016

Gnomes are garden statuary mythical objects believed to be earthly elementals that live underground and only emerge at night. Emergence in daylight turns the gnomes into stone, thus the reason they are garden statues. People buy gnomes for different reasons, however, you should consider the following factors before buying them:

History And Legend

Having a mythical form in your garden has been seen as a way of appreciating history and prolonging the lives of the legends. If you fancy art and history, then you may be lured into getting one or more of the original gnome statues.

Some are available in museums as well, but those are probably not for sale. You may find yourself looking for copies or having similar-shaped sculptures at a more reasonable price for you. You can then use the statues as a way of upholding and appreciating legendary history.


Gnomes are used by various people differently. You can buy gnomes for your garden where they will serve as garden statues. You can also buy a gnome if you wish to have one or more of them as art pieces in your house. The gnomes, though mythical, will have meaning to you and maybe your household.

You should note that gnomes intended for museum displays will be sold at a higher price and they have to be genuine and legendary pieces.


What message do you want your gnome to pass? Gnomes have been sculptured to pass on different messages and they are therefore suitable for use by different people. Some of the messages passed by gnome statues include peace, silence, victory, secrecy, and some signify “rolling change”, e.g. the Sponti gnome that is sold online.

The Ottmar Horl sculpture, for instance, is seen as the embodiment of the three proverbial principles of “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Therefore, before buying, you should know the message you will be relaying. You may have to purchase three or more if you intend to pass on the above principle’s message.

The Color

The gnome statues sold online come in all the colors you may imagine. The colorful displays are intended to suit different people and needs. You must keep in mind the color of the gnome. If you wish to have the original red-headed gnomes with blue pants, you may have to find a sculpture artist whom can custom design it for you. The colors are of significance.

Age And Size

There are old sculptured forms sold in physical and online art museums or art collection shops. You may find a 1994 gnome statue, as well as 2012 or younger statue in the market. The size will determine how the gnomes will be staged in your garden and also the means of transport as well as their weight.

In conclusion, there are many gnome statues you can buy and all you have to do is consider the above stated factors to make the right choice. Know that every gnome carries a different meaning and should be suitable in your context. They are reasonably priced and you will not have a problem if you value history, art, and traditions.

Alex Kurtzman is an anthropology student and has studied much about the legendary, spiritual, and artistic gnome statues. You may check his LinkedIn profile and the museum to learn more about the gnome statues.

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