Reaffirm Your Love With A Romantic Retreat: 2+1 Destinations

July 8, 2016


Reaffirming your love and wedding vows can possibly be even more exciting, thrilling, and validating than the wedding day itself, as the novelty of the marriage is gradually superseded by routine. This is why it is important for couples who want to keep the spark alive, to constantly show their love, admiration, and respect for their partner. If you can manage to “steal” some time away from your busy schedules and social obligations, a romantic escape to destinations that will enchant you and your loved one will consolidate your love even further.

Celebrating special family events is what makes up all those beautiful moments that turn into golden memories in the future. And surprises are so much better; as you can see from my recent video, my husband’s reaction to my birthday present is simply priceless, so why not surprise your unsuspecting  spouse with a romantic trip for just the two of you?

Corfu Is For Cooing Couples

The magical city of the island of Corfu, I find, is quite the romantic due to its charming and graceful architecture and the rich history that is engraved in almost every street, every structure, every corner, and every piazza. Especially with an integrated accommodation concept such as staying at the majestic Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel inspired by the historical palace of Mon Repos.

The Old Fortress Of Corfu

A view of the of Venetian Fortress. The history exudes romance!


The views over this enchanting coast of Corfu town, and its proximity to its center, is the ideal city hotel for couples wanting access to nightlife, but also their very own luxurious romantic retreat within minutes, for when you get that love buzz.

Romantic Travel

Wake up to this breakfast view for just you two at Mon Repos Palace Art Hotel.


Sweep Them Off For An Italian Romance

Italians have a tradition for being stallions in the field of romance, so why not learn from the best and visit a city that oozes love and vibrates romance under every stone you turn and in every gondola you ride? Did I give it away? It is Venice, alright! There is so much to see in Venice that perhaps itineraries should be left to the professionals.

Venice, Italy

Gondolas lined-up to take you and your partner on the most romantic tour ever!


Do not waste precious together time to research and organise your days, while you could be enjoying yourselves and be taken to all the key Venice attractions in comfort and style. Keytours offers a splendid night walking and gondola tour of Venice, plus a number of other enticing tours that are perfect for combining romance with a little bit of culture.

Venice, Italy

Gorgeous sunset over Venice. Absolutely stunning!


Add Some Variety With A Romantic Cruise

For the more adventurous among you who really want to experience the most out of your romantic days away from home, you can try a  romantic cruise with Variety Cruises that will guarantee comfort on board, privacy, and new visuals that you can share with your partner and remember forever. You can choose the ever popular tropics such as Seychelles if neither of you have been or other romantic destinations such as the French and Italian Rivieras, but you can also opt for the more unconventional romantic location such as Cuba.

Sunset in Cuba
The phenomenal sunset as seen from the shores of Cuba.


A cruise around Cuba will provide for breathtaking images of turquoise waters, staggering fuschia sunsets, and pristine white beaches, while the vibe of the town is line with the locals’ attitude towards life: an amorous one. They find happiness and love all around them, despite their general hard lives. Experience some days discovering this country and entertain the thought of a simpler time and appreciate a culture that shows love in all the little things in life.

Cuban Beach

A picture-perfect shore of the Cuban coast.


Each of the above recommendations are a way of celebrating your love by doing something extra special. However, the key to a good marriage lies in celebrating your love for each other every single day. Why not splash out to treat yourselves, get to know each other afresh, and consolidate your love while sharing new experiences, all the while counting blessings of the life you have already built together?

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