Private Pools Of Eternal Love In Santorini

July 15, 2016

Santorini, Greece

Private pools and love go together like freshly baked bread and luxurious butter! One complements the other, making it a powerful combination in the name of a whirlwind romance. Whether it is to harbour the enthusiastic emotions of a new couple or to reignite the spark in a long standing relationship, the sensation that private pools offer can be the crux of your romantic escape.

At the mecca of lovebirds as our setting — Santorini — luxurious accommodation is not scarce. However, scanning through the various accommodation types can be a copious task. You need an accommodation choice that makes you feel far from the ordinary.

Santorini, Greece

Feel Like A God And Goddess

Astarte is the goddess that is connected to love, fertility, sexuality, and even war. The latter comes to no surprise since there are numerous accounts of war or conflict that made it to the front pages of history in the name of love. Therefore, Astarte Suites have created a mythical place that allows its guests to feel like they are staying at the home of the gods. Situated in the area of Akrotiri, the view from the private infinity pool is mesmerising. You and your loved one can enjoy endless hours of looking out across the crescent island, overlooking its capital, Fira, brightly lit in the evening. You will feels as though you are gods and goddesses that live in a parallel universe of absolute privacy and serenity, luxurious deco,r and out-of-this-world opulent touches.

Santorini, Greece
An evening caption from your private infinity pool, with Santorini’s caldera in full view ahead of you.


Santorini, Greece
You can enjoy the same view from the comfort of your indoor couples’ jacuzzi at Astarte Suites.


Feel Like A King And Queen

Stay at a restored fortress in Art Maisons Oia Castle and feel the legend of the ages reverberate through the halls! With sculptured walls, marble floors, and chicness exuding from its discrete neo-classical and classic contemporary interiors, you and your loved one are bound to feel like royalty. The cave pool suites are the ideal place to rekindle your emotions, in a floating world made for just the two of you. The romantic decor will enamour you and with the option for an outdoor or indoor cave pool, and staggering views directly into the sunset, you will not get enough of your suite day or night.

Artmaisons Aqua
Caught somewhere in between bliss and sophistication, your private pool entrance from within your suite at Art Maisons. 


Artmaisons Eros
Amazing caption of the incredible sensation of swimming in this serene cave pool at Art Maisons.


Feel Like A Movie Star

You and your loved one will get the movie star treatment at Andronis Exclusive. Luxury suites and villas that feature the most insane cave plunge pools you will ever experience. Styled and decorated for absolute exclusivity in a modern and minimal setting of sophistication, the cave pools are designed for offering a romantic and intimate experience, that is entirely private and exclusive. The cave pool suites and villas provide the romanced residents with a sense of ease and comfort while the honeymoon suites offer couples the ultimate private plunge pool that will definitely stir some intense emotions.

Santorini, Greece
Indulge in these views, in your outdoor pool while holding hands and making future plans.


View of the cave pool villa at Andronis Luxury Suites.


Inside the most exclusive plunge pool of the Honeymoon suites at Andronis Luxury Suites. 
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