Where Cave Pools Meet The Art Of eMotion

September 28, 2016

There is a place in the Mediterranean that is preparing its white washed rooftops once again, to receive the freerun event of the year on the 1st October. It is blessed with staggering natural beauty; epic vistas of a breathtaking horizon where sky meets the sea at volcanic level. It is a cosmopolitan destination where private cave pool suites await to soothe your senses, tucked away in exclusive privacy.

Can you guess the location yet?

It is indeed an island in the Cyclades, Greece, and that island is Santorini!

It appears that the island of Santorini is not only a magnet for lovers of natural beauty, romantics, and jet setters, but it is also a destination whose attractive peculiarities are known far and wide, and it is infact so diverse, that it supports a plethora of different events and visitors.

From French haute cuisine events to traditional donkey rides and strolls down the kalderimia (cobblestone streets), Santorini embraces all that elevates your spirit, promising the visitor a mindset full of Cycladic colors, picture perfect frames, and fulfilling experiences.

To this effect, Santorini has been the proud host of the Art of Motion freerun parkour competition for the last four years. This urban development of the athletic and acrobatic discipline is considered an art of motion, as it combines creativity with strength. Fans from all over the world will gather around the rooftops, dispersed across the terraces, and their stone mantels in anticipation of watching the athletes perform their short run.

Viewers will be amazed at the level of unique skill of these young freeman athletes have, as this “art” is notoriously difficult to judge. Athletes must show flow creativity in their routine and are scored against the level of difficulty of their stunts and the actual execution of their run. Full of energy, they cannot wait to bust their moves on the stark white rooftop arena!

This year’s course will be in Oia, which is undoubtedly the most popular spot in Santorini; understandably so as it boasts the best sunset view of the entire island. Staying at the Andronis boutique hotel in Oia, you will be able to indulge in both freerun shenanigans and the epic sunset, plus experience a sensational world of luxury at your feet.

Alternatively, if you crave total serenity without any distractions, you may want to stay away from all the hustle and bustle that this event brings to the area of Oia. Astarte Suites offer precisely that, located on the quieter side of Akrotiri, at the southernmost end of Santorini’s crescent and with a panoramic view of the white Caldera settlement that will give a sense of being detached from the world.

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