Santorini: The Ultimate Luxury Guide

April 26, 2018

There are a few ways to experience Santorini, the most gorgeous Greek island. Although Greece is home to many gorgeous islands, and a few cosmopolitan ones, Santorini is the absolute winner when it comes to combining these two sought-after characteristics. Santorini’s natural beauty is of the breathtaking kind, almost as if it was created in a dream. A crescent shape, a volcanic landscape, clifftop settlements, and colorful beaches complete the Cycladic, fairytale holiday puzzle. Here is the ultimate luxury guide to get the best out of your next Santorini vacation:

Santorini View

Where To Stay In Santorini 

Santorini has a handful of wonderful locations. Where to stay in Santorini depends on what each traveler prefers. If you are looking for a stay near the beach, perhaps Santorini is not the best choice. There are plenty of other islands that are more suitable for this type of experience. The beaches in Santorini are colourful and consist part of its attraction, however, the landscape of the island does not lend itself for staying on a beach. Instead, take advantage of Santorini’s astonishing vantage points that offer awe inspiring vistas from morning until night. For a romantic, more secluded stay in Santorini, stay in a luxury hotel in Akrotiri. The view is simply sensational, as you get to see a different side of the island than usual. Alternatively, if you do not mind a bit of a crowd, you can choose to stay in Santorini’s most popular spot, in Oia, that boasts the best sunset views on the island. For staying right in the middle of the Caldera and all its conveniences, choose a family hotel in Fira, Santorini’s capital, for minimising distances and for being at the centre of its vibrant local scene.

Where To Eat In Santorini

Santorini’s gastronomic scene is booming and diverse. From small, frugal, and picturesque Greek tavernas on the Perissa and Perivolos black beaches, to a variety of international cuisine fine dining venues, there are countless options. A must try is the beach taverna, Charlina, for a wholesome, hearty meal of Greek goodness without fanfares. For experiencing a dinner full of Santorinian glamour, dress up and savour the refinement of Greek Nouvelle cuisine and try the Lauda Restaurant in Oia. Coupled with jaw dropping views and a more than elegant environment, the reviews say it deserves a Michelin star. Why not find out for yourself? Catch Bar Restaurant is a great choice for a more laid back experience, serving local flavours with a gourmet twist as well as sushi and a sensational cocktail menu. It offers lovely views with delectable dining and is a fantastic choice for enjoying a few well made drinks. For deviating from the more popular dining areas of Santorini, consider the village of Pyrgos. It is located on Santorini’s highest point, so offers the visitor an entirely different perspective. As it is also a fortress settlement, you should combine an evening excursion there to explore its traditional flair and dine at one of its restaurants, preferably around sunset.

Interior at Catch Restaurant

What To Experience In Santorini

The number one thing to experience is to discover Santorini by cruise. Santorini is part of the Greek classics, so you can either choose to embark upon a cruise to discover Classical Greece or if you prefer to explore Santorini in more depth, you can do so by staying on the island and taking one of the sensational Santorini yacht cruises around the island. They are the best way to immerse into the magic of Santorini, as they will take you places of unimaginable scenery. Secluded coves revealing the multifarious beauty of its volcanic strata, Santorini’s most popular shores as seen from afar and the sheer magnificence of being at sea, taking in the absolute essence of a Greek island holiday. A Santorini luxury sunset cruise is perhaps the most enchanting cruise you can take, as the the experience of sea-meets-sky during dusk is simply indescribable. Since you have chosen to stay in Santorini rather than experience it as part of a wider itinerary cruise of the Cyclades, in order to secure some autonomy and be able to discover as much of it as possible at your own leisure, rent a car in Santorini.

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