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Top Hotels To Stay In Santorini

May 16, 2019
Santorini, a dreamy place that we will never tire of with its picture-perfect, postcard frame visuals. It is where fable meets truth and legend comes to life through a physical manifestation of magnitude. It is justifiably the single, most enchanting island in Greece that combines myth, cultural heritage, and unique...

Santorini: The Ultimate Luxury Guide

Santorini View
April 26, 2018
There are a few ways to experience Santorini, the most gorgeous Greek island. Although Greece is home to many gorgeous islands, and a few cosmopolitan ones, Santorini is the absolute winner when it comes to combining these two sought-after characteristics. Santorini’s natural beauty is of the breathtaking kind, almost as...

Where Cave Pools Meet The Art Of eMotion

September 28, 2016
There is a place in the Mediterranean that is preparing its white washed rooftops once again, to receive the freerun event of the year on the 1st October. It is blessed with staggering natural beauty; epic vistas of a breathtaking horizon where sky meets the sea at volcanic level. It...

Private Pools Of Eternal Love In Santorini

Santorini, Greece
July 15, 2016
Private pools and love go together like freshly baked bread and luxurious butter! One complements the other, making it a powerful combination in the name of a whirlwind romance. Whether it is to harbour the enthusiastic emotions of a new couple or to reignite the spark in a long standing...