Top Hotels To Stay In Santorini

May 16, 2019
Santorini, Greece

Santorini, a dreamy place that we will never tire of with its picture-perfect, postcard frame visuals. It is where fable meets truth and legend comes to life through a physical manifestation of magnitude. It is justifiably the single, most enchanting island in Greece that combines myth, cultural heritage, and unique natural beauty borne of calamity, while offering luxury at every turn. Amply capable of providing visitors with experiences that will remain etched in memory for years to come, here are the top hotels to stay in Santorini, by location. As for exploring the rest of the island, make sure you rent a car in Santorini, and plan your days according to your mood.

Santorini, Greece

Top hotels to stay in Santorini: Oia

Santorini, Greece
Santorini, Greece

The most popular, most photographed, and most recognizable part of Santorini. The iconic settlement of Oia is where many visitors often clamour within the narrow, cobblestone streets to catch a glimpse of the world’s most famous sunset. Not all of Oia is graced with direct sunset views. The sun dives into the sea precisely at the northwestern point of Oia, so there are few hotels that offer direct sunset views from their interiors, however, the immediate exteriors may get crowded and noisy around sundown. The last thing you want is to spend your money on a place that delivers on the accommodation front, but the external circumstances detract from your overall experience. Opt for a hotel that is tucked away from the hustle & bustle of Oia, yet still gives you sensational Caldera views to be swept away by the magnificence of the sunset-kissed sky-canvas, all tangled up in shades of orange, pink and mauve. Santorini Secret Suites & Spa Hotel in Oia promise just that.

Top hotels to stay in Santorini: Fira

Santorini, Greece

The capital town of Santorini island, is often visitors’ second location of choice, after Oia. Being in the center of the Caldera, it enjoys panoramic views from one end of the island to another. It is where the pulse of Santorini is most tangible, a hub of social activity in Santorini where most shops, stores, restaurants, and bars are found. It is also where you will come across many of the blue dome churches Santorini is associated with, as well as some important museums. The Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera for those who seek cultural and historical stimulation during your holiday. Staying in Kalisti Hotel & Suites in Fira, is the best choice for those who wish to be 5 minutes by foot from the town’s buzz, yet far enough to enjoy some peace and quiet too.

Top hotels to stay in Santorini: Imerovigli

Santorini, Greece

Onto Imerovigli, one of the lesser known districts of Santorini. Located between Oia and Fira, Imerovigli has one of the best vantage points on the island. Imerovigli is also the home of Skaros, a bizarre, large rock promontory where a fortress was built during the medieval times while its ruins are still discernible. It is a fully-fledged, traditional settlement that is both picturesque and historical, as well as tranquil. It is actually the best choice for those seeking a retreat type holiday, as the quietude of the region together with the phenomenal views, exude a sense of serenity. Especially at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, the calmness is almost overwhelming, while the minimalist luxuriousness of the property is absolutely enthralling. Perched on the rising of a cliff just outside the settlement, this resort offers private terraces with immaculate panoramic vistas and wellness oriented services. Direct sunset views, Oia and the volcano are in plain sight, generously satiating your soul, immortalising these visuals for a lifetime.

Top hotels to stay in Santorini: Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a wonderful settlement you may have not heard of before. The shape of Santorini resembles a crescent, with Oia at the northernmost tip of the island, and Akrotiri at the southernmost tip. Although Oia gets most of the attention due to direct sunset views, it is quite refreshing to find that another spot also has a similar awe factor. Its unique position offers stunning views to the vastness of the Aegean Sea, the volcano, the Caldera cliff and all its volcanic strata, with the settlements of Fira as well as Oia in the background. Astarte Suites in Akrotiri provide a hideaway setting on one of the most popular of Greek islands. Views to die for, luxurious suites and a quiet spot is perhaps best suited to couples who seek a more secluded stay and have a desire to see Santorini’s unseen side.

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