Four Tips To Refresh Your Trade Show Booth

May 17, 2019

You are proud of your sturdy banner stands. You carry them with you from one trade show to another, year after year. They do not wear and tear — do not even need costly repairs. But hold on; is it really a good idea to use the same old displays at different trade shows? 

Every trade show is different. With each show, you have a different marketing goal. So, you should update your booth designs every time you attend a new show, says an expert at New York Banners, an acclaimed provider of custom vinyl banners. You do not have to abandon your existing trade show products, as small changes can go a long way!

Thus, here are four useful tips to refresh your trade show booth: 

1. Accessorize to accentuate 

One quick and easy way to revamp the look and feel of your trade show booth is by adding accessories to it. For instance, you can add LED lights to your trade show banner to highlight your logo or brand message. Adding a few vinyl signs is another good way to maximize your brand presence in the trade show venue and its surroundings. You will find a wide variety of vinyl signs in NYC. 

2. Upgrade your graphics 

The graphics on your trade show banner tell a lot about who you are, what problem you are trying to solve, and how your product is different from that of your competitors. When you change your marketing goal, you should also change your graphics. Also, updating your graphics is a great way to give your trade show booth a new look and feel. 

Thankfully, changing your graphics does not cost you a fortune. You can still use your old banner stands. All you have to do is to redesign your graphics to reflect your new message. For quick and easy graphics overhaul, consider using vinyl printing in New York. 

3. Integrate technology 

New tools and technology are a great crowd puller. If you can integrate technology at your trade show booth, it will definitely help refresh your booth. For instance, instead of handing out printed materials, you can ask your visitors to share their email address and send them your digital brochure via email. Also, consider using tablets and HD display monitors to attract the tech-savvy attendees. 

Another good idea would be to build a charging station inside your trade show booth. That way, many attendees will come to your booth for charging their smartphone. Some of them may show interest in your company and products. 

4. Use table throws  

When you are trying to revamp your trade show booth, you should look for any opportunity to upgrade the look and feel of the booth. Simple changes like adding table throws to your booth tables can make a huge difference. To make the design more cohesive, custom design your table-throws, and use vinyl printing to make them look more attractive and colorful. 

If your booth has enough space, you can even consider creating a separate area for seating and meeting inside your trade show booth. 

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