TraxPack: Revolutionary Luggage That Climbs Stairs

July 13, 2016

Luggage that can actually climb stairs? It seems impossible right? Well, I am excited to announce that thanks to TraxPack, this extraordinary invention has indeed been made and it is about to change your life and most importantly your travels!

Launched on Kickstarter by good friends Naisha Joseph and Richard Braddock, TraxPack is set to revolutionise the luggage industry. No more struggling with awkward, heavy cases! Difficulty navigating stairs with your luggage is about to become a thing of the past. Thanks to the case’s Track System, which has been likened by some to the treads you would find on a tank, and a handle that can be both vertical and tilted, going up stairs is effortless. Yes, you read that last word correctly: effortless. When was the last time you felt carrying luggage was effortless?


The greatest thing about TraxPack is that its awesome features do not just stop there! The following are other features to note for this luggage, which is available in black or cream:

Built In Scale

Getting to the check-in desk and finding you have to pay for excess baggage or that you need to remove some items from your luggage is beyond frustrating. Of course, you can lift your case onto your bathroom scale or dig around in your drawers for that luggage scale you once bought, but it is a million times easier if it is all built in.


Dual Battery Charger

When you are traveling, it can be such a pain to find a free electrical outlet to charge all of your electronics. Thus, having a dual battery charger integrated into your luggage is a huge bonus offered to you. This might be my favorite feature of the luggage to be honest!

Tablet Stand

The tilting handle not only helps with the case’s maneuverability as previously mentioned, but it also doubles as a stand for your tablet. What a great dual purpose!



Finally, gone are the days where you have to worry about if you should misplace or lose your luggage, as the TraxPack comes with its own GPS, or rather BPS (Baggage Positioning System). This allows you to track its precise whereabouts no matter where in the world it or you may be. Think about useful this can also be when you are waiting at the carousel at your arrival airport. You will never have to crowd around like everyone else, since you will know when your bag is about to emerge.

To see all of these features demonstrated by a video, head to the TraxPack Kickstarter page to see the case in action. Remember, Kickstarter pricing will not be available after the campaign ends, so if you are interested in buying, buy now!

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