Enjoy The Finest Champagne Right On The Most Expansive Vineyards In The World

November 19, 2015

When you want to create special memories, food must be present. There will be some photography somewhere and laughter somewhere else. However, wine should not be missing if you want those memories to be seriously special. Champagne is a wine that people have used for more than 300 years for celebrations of all kinds. A marriage has just been solemnized — pop the champagne! There is someone who has just graduated from college — pop some more champagne! There is a reason why champagne is highly favored as a celebratory drink. It is simply charming.

Tour The World While Enjoying The Best Wines

You probably have no idea that Champagne is a place and not just a drink, right? Few people know that the word Champagne actually refers to the region where the wine originated from. Champagne is located some 100 kilometers north east of Paris. From this region, more than 300 million bottles of the famous drink are produced annually. Long before the 18th Century, Champagne was already renowned for its amazing wines. These were the drinks for the French kings and rulers. Even the English rulers fancied the wine and made major investments to ensure that it was delivered to them.

If you are a wine lover and you are wondering where you can go on vacation this holiday, then Champagne is your destination of choice. Well, there are several places where you can take your wine tour. Starting out from New York, there are the amazing wineries in the Finger Lakes region. There are also the fancy wine bars located around New York. Rest assured that you will be completely spoilt for choice trying out the sparkling wines of America; the likes of Andre Champagne and others. Once you are done with New York then will be the perfect time to drop by Champagne.

Taste Wine Straight From The Grapes

One thing that you will love about Champagne is its enchanting atmosphere. This is one of those places that are just relaxed, peaceful, and adorned with sprawling vineyards. The quality of wine that comes from this region needs no introduction. On top of this, you will have so many options to select from. Do you want to pick out your champagne on basis of its sweetness? There are the ultra bruts and extra dry ones all the way to the demi-sec and doux champagnes.

If you are a wine collector, your tour of Champagne will turn out to be extremely fruitful. There are so many different types of wines that you can pick out while you are in the region. By the end of your tour the cellar will be packed to capacity.

Check Out Other Destinations

There are other places that you will want to visit whilst on a wine tour of the world. There are the likes of Istria in Croatia, Okanagan in Canada, Piedmont in Italy, and the Hawkes Bay of New Zealand. You are going to be completely spoilt for choice when picking out wines take home!

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