Kissimmee, Florida: Day 3 (Part 2)

May 21, 2018

Because the parks wore us out, we ended up eating room service every night of the trip. We were lucky in that the food offered at the Melia Hotel was incredibly delicious, so we did not feel guilty for not venturing further than our room for dinner. However, we really did want to try one restaurant while we were in Kissimmee, Florida.

The airboat ride exhausted our son and while normally we would never let him take a late nap, we decided that just this once we would, since our final meal of the trip was at the renowned Eleven at Reunion Resort. The restaurant is considered Central Florida’s unparalleled star gazing destination with a creative menu that offers premium steak cuts and signature entrees.

While Joaquín slept comfortably in his stroller, my husband and I had a truly unforgettable meal with a view you can only dream of. We ordered champagne and toasted each other to a successful third Birthday trip for our son!

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We could have stayed watching the stars all night, but we had somewhere very important to be. As we were driving to our next destination we saw a huge orange explosion in the sky. A rocket had been launched! Neither of us had seen a rocket before, so we took it as an auspicious sign. Later on we found out it was NASA’s SpaceX.

The final adventure of our trip was a helicopter tour with Max Flight Helicopter Services. We timed it so that we could see all of the firework displays from the different Disney parks, as well as a significant portion of Central Florida. We were a little nervous about whether or not Joaquín would want to go in the helicopter, but as soon as he saw it his face lit up with a huge smile and he ran straight to it. The ride was about thirty minutes long and the entire time I could here him saying “Wow, look at that!” I think it is a wonderful alternative to actually being inside the crowded parks to see the fireworks. Also, if your child or children is like our son, there is no way he would have been able to stay at any of the parks for that long — this way you can take the pressure off of staying at the park all day to see the fireworks and yet still see be able to see them and in the most unique way possible. Plus, did I mention that for adults champagne is included with your ride?

If you find yourself in Kissimmee, a trip would not be complete without a helicopter tour. I 100% believe that now! It was the perfect way to end the perfect trip.








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  1. Angie

    That trip sounds amazing. Sounds like an adventure! This is great and your photography is absolutely stunning!

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