Six Excellent Tips On Mattress Selection For Business And Travel

February 26, 2016

Traveling is one of the best activities that must be on your bucket list! Why would you not want to see the world? Despite all the delays and disappointments you might experience at the airport, you still have to pack your bags and explore. The long hours onboard and airsickness might be a problem at first, but with added comfort in traveling, you sure will enjoy your excursion.

Sleeping through the flight is expected and you will need a good mattress with adequate padding for comfort. Arriving at your destination, you will also need a good mattress for sufficient rest. These are some of the factors that airlines and hotels should consider when buying mattresses for their customers:


The density of the mattress you offer your customer should be high. While purchasing medium-density mattresses is cheap, it might cost you more later on because they tend to wear out faster.

High density mattresses offer more comfort and your customers will not have complaints later on about your service. You also have to keep in mind that some of your customers could be ill and they will need extra padding. You do not want to inflict more pain on them.


Some people might argue that a high-density mattress is very comfortable, but that might not always be the case. Choose foams that offer a balance of good density and incredible comfort. Hybrid mattresses offer more comfort, because they have foam and are inflatable.


An expensive mattress does not necessarily mean high quality. Though the best quality mattresses cost more, that should not be the determining factor. An exquisite mattress should last long, giving you a good return on your investment.

Travelers who camp more need mattresses that will last long and will withstand the different conditions they may face.


The size of your bed(s) will determine the size of the mattress you buy. A big mattress is generally thought to be of a big size, and is therefore suitable for a big bed. A sizable mattress is important if you are in the hotel business, since you cannot give specifications depending on the size of the customer’s body. A big, soft, and high-quality mattress will comfortably take care of all your customers’ needs regardless of their weight.


Beds are available in varied shapes and sizes. Most of the time, the style of your bed will determine the type and shape of mattress to use.

Pillow Tops

You should always give your customers the option of picking the type of bed they prefer. Presence or absence of pillow tops should be included in accommodation packages. Also, there should be alternatives. Heavier people prefer pillow tops, while light people could be comfortable without.

A good mattress is a worthy investment, because no one would like to walk around like a zombie, write a negative review about your service, and get sick due to the beds you offering having bad mattresses. It is therefore important to factor this in when determining what to buy and not to buy for your business to thrive. Besides food, your customers will always have something to say about their sleep experience. On a cruise ship, plane, or a train, comfort and good rest are important!

Mellissa Kendrick is a hotelier and a travel consultant. She has years of experience in consulting and as a self-professed world traveler and excursionist, she writes reviews about the best and worst experiences and services she receives. She advises on the benefits of a good mattress for comfort and referrals from customers.

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