The Greatest Vacation Resorts In America

June 21, 2016

If you are going to go to a vacation resort of some kind, then why not go to the best? Okay, so for many people there is an obvious and understandable answer: they tend to be the most expensive. Of course, there are plenty of amazing resorts out there that do not feature on this list. But if you have the money and it is burning a hole in your pocket and if you want the most luxurious resort getaway that the United States has to offer, then look no further!

In this article, we are going to have a quick rundown of the finest vacation resorts in the country (arranged by category). Consider these amazing locations on your next specialist getaway:

The Best Golf Resort In America

You are always going to hear differing opinions about what the best vacation resort in any given category is. There is often a consensus of some kind, a general agreement, however some categories are more contentious in this regard. And perhaps nowhere is that more true than with golf resorts.


There is no arguing that America has some of the finest golf resorts in the world. But there seems to be widespread disagreement about which is the best. Having said that, it usually boils down to one of three resorts: The Pebble Beach Golf Resort, the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, and the Pinehurst Resort. All three are luxurious and feature world-class golf course designs.

Best Ski Resort In America

There is much more agreement to be found in this category. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is seen as the finest ski resort in all of North America. And yes, that grouping does include all of Canada’s fine resorts, too!


The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is almost as popular in summer, as it is in winter! That is a pretty mean feat for a ski resort. It is also known for remaining incredibly spacious and efficient even when it is filled with tourists. There are plenty of Jackson Hole luxury hotels near the resort at more affordable rates than you may think.

The Best Spa Resort In America

To be fair, most of the great resorts in any category include world-class spas. For many people, it can be hard to tell the difference between a great sport resort and an incredible sport resort. Although, with spas, it is much easier to tell which ones really edge out the competition.

Spa Resort

We are going to pick from destination spas. These are resorts that focus primarily on their spa features, as opposed to the spa being a mere add-on to something else. When you whittle it down to this, two seem to stand out in particular. The Mii Amo Resort in Arizona, which was ranked the second-best destination spa in the world by Travel+Leisure. If you are closer to the East, there is The Lodge at Woodloch. Located not too far from NYC, it was ranked the third-best destination spa in the world by the same publication.

Best Entertainment Resort In America

By “entertainment”, I am talking about general entertainment: fun, games, roller coasters, etc. It almost sounds like I am talking about a theme park resort, right? In that case, there is a pretty clear winner: Walt Disney World!

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