Five Things You Should Do In The First Weeks With A Newborn Baby

July 27, 2016



In the first weeks of having a new baby, there will be so much to think about. Nappies, sleepless nights, and the first real feelings of exhaustion will all be there. However, you also need to make the most of this time in a few other ways. There are a number of things you should do in the first few weeks. Even better, do them in the first week. And even better than that, do them in the first few days!

This list takes a closer look at each of these. There are tasks that will help you preserve the memory of your newborn for the rest of your lives. This includes photographs done by a pro and prints or stencils of their tiny hands and little feet. We will also touch upon any siblings the baby might have and some early bonding time. Finally, we will talk about the bonding time between you and baby and how important it is.

However, we will begin with a topic likely very close to your heart. The first visits and hellos from loved ones:

Let Family And Friends Visit

When you have just been through the huge emotional and physical upheaval of giving birth, the aftermath can be hard. Yes, you have a little bundle of joy and happiness in your arms. But you may also be sore, tired, and even recovering from stitches or surgery. However, the fact is, you are not the only one who wants to enjoy that baby. You will have a deluge of people who want to meet him or her too. When your baby is in their first hours and days, this is a very precious time. You will not be able to get this back, and neither will your loved ones. So let them in to visit. Do not worry about how you look — they will not mind and will totally understand. Those who have given birth themselves, will especially understand. Just take it easy! Of course, do not feel obliged to let those who have only just become interested visit. If they have not been around to support you for the last nine months then there is no obligation to let them into your home and surrounding now the ‘fun bit’ has started! If you feel unhappy being away from your baby while others are having a hold, do not feel bad. This is very normal. Your loved ones will understand if you ask for a quick cuddle before passing him or her on again.

Professional Photography

There is a very good chance that you will be snapping away photographs of your baby from the minute they are born. These photographs will be very special to you, but they may not be great quality. That is because they will probably have been taken on a mobile phone. Even if you do use a proper camera, it means someone has to be behind the camera. This means they are not in the picture. This is just one reason why you should have professional photographs done in the baby’s first weeks. Even better, in the first week or even first few days! The other reason is, of course, that baby’s change so fast when they are very young. They will change even day to day at the very beginning. Thus, capturing high-quality images from the very beginning is something you are sure to want to do. It will be a decision you are glad you made from the start. Look for reputable companies who have a fantastic portfolio already, like Silver Bee Photography. If you have certain poses or props you would be like including, let your photographer know. Making the images personal to you, your family, and the baby is part of what makes it so special.

Hand And Footprints

Professional photographs are not the only things you should race to do in the first days. You should also get prints of both their hands and their feet. There are lots of different ways you can do this. You could use paint, but this can get quite messy. Soft clay is a better option in most circumstances. If you do not have the time to buy a print set in that first week, there is a quick alternative. Just outline their feet on paper with a soft pencil. Go over it with a pen to make sure it lasts. Finally, do not forget to date it. Put it in a glass frame to keep it safe from marks and dirt also.

Bonding Sessions With Siblings

We have talked briefly in a previous point about how precious the first hours and days of your baby’s life are. Somebody or even several somebody’s who also need to make the most of this time are any siblings of the baby. Early bonding between the baby and their brothers or sisters is so important. It is this time when close bonds are made. There will be so much going on during that time, but you do not want your other children to feel pushed out. So, be sure you let them be involved. Also, be sure to take the time to make sure they understand what is happening. For example, one way to do this is to look for books about bringing a baby home. This allows you to explain what is happening in a way that their elder siblings will understand. Be sure to also let them ask as many questions as you want. Try and be honest about the answers that you give.

Enjoy Alone Time

We have discussed how letting loved ones meet your little bundle is important. We have also discussed how important bonding between siblings and baby is. But do you know what else is important? Bonding time for you. Alone time for you to say your hellos, welcomes, and I love yous! Many mothers say their most precious and special memories are the ones where it was just the two of them. So count their fingers and toes (again!), stroke their face, and stare adoringly at them. Take the time to enjoy your time. Get to know each other and soak up every little detail. You will never ever be able to get the first hours, days, and weeks back, so make the most of them while you can!

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