Learning How To Give Home Tuition: A Guide For Mothers

September 6, 2016

Parents are usually not in the habit of worrying about their kids’ tutoring or homework, at least not until there are complaints from his or her school that he or she is lagging behind in the daily lessons. But according to latest studies, talking to your kids and reading to them right from the time they are babies is extremely beneficial for them, as this form of home tuition right from the toddler days is the perfect tool to build a solid foundation for them. This foundation can be of academic knowledge, writing and reading skills, or simply the ability to converse properly. Language training is good, but we must also take care to instil the habit of regular learning and studying in a child for a better future for him or her.

So as you can see, it is actually never too soon to help your child with his or her education. Appointing a home tutor is perhaps a good idea, although when do you find time to try to teach your child yourself? The studies mentioned above also stated that children respond quite well to the tutoring from their parents, especially their mother. A mother tries to teach her child in a fun and innovative way, which is considered to be far more beneficial than the traditional teaching methods adopted by a professional home tutor. Scolding from a home tutor when a child fails to do homework can be quite unnerving, but scolding from a mother shows care and concern, and that actually motivates the child to do the best of his or her abilities to impress his or her mother.

The following are a few suggestions and tips that you can use to provide the perfect home tuition for your young child:

  • Discovering the child’s learning style and pattern. When a mother acquaints herself with the intelligence and the learning style of her child, she can easily understand what pattern of tutoring to follow.
  • Understand their linguistic interests. Kids love to write, read, and talk. They are considered to be born communicators, who know how to properly express what they feel from a young age. So understand their level of interest and then proceed.
  • A child with an outgoing nature. If your child has an outgoing nature, that means he or she is a people person. Teaching such a child in a group can be a very smart idea.
  • A child with an interpersonal nature. If your child has an intrapersonal nature, they are more prone to keeping to themselves. For such a child, a one on one session, where you can discuss various topics, make teaching fun, etc. is a much better option

Sometimes, you might face difficulties in home tutoring your child, as his or her brain may not be able to adapt to more than one teaching style. For such a child, you need to then adapt yourself to teach in a variety of styles for the betterment of your child.

This article was contributed by Singaporean tution agency, SmileTutor.

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