How Homeschool Tutors Can Support Parental Teaching Efforts

May 14, 2024

Many families are choosing to homeschool their kids nowadays for various reasons. Some parents may consider this approach a way to better align their children’s learning with their family’s values, or to offer their kids a more tailored educational experience. Sometimes, families may want to choose a homeschooling option to ensure that the specific social and academic needs of their children are met.

Whatever the reasons and potential benefits of opting for homeschooling, it can pose significant challenges to parents. These challenges can be related to time, resources, and expertise. To overcome these challenges, hiring homeschool tutors becomes a feasible option.

Here are some of the ways that hiring a homeschool tutor can help to support parental teaching efforts:

They offer customized learning approaches

Because a homeschool tutor will often have a better grasp of the teaching approaches to use in various scenarios, they can help to develop tailored learning plans that suit each individual child’s needs and learning styles. This helps to complement parental efforts, because as much as parents may think they know their kid’s strong and weak areas, they may not know the best strategies to use to educate their kids and address their unique needs.

The beauty of having a homeschool tutor is that they can use their skill and experience to assess your child’s learning style, for instance auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or even a combination, and adapt the best teaching methods. Thanks to a personalized approach for each child, children are able to grasp even complex concepts without much struggle and engage more with their studies.

They offer expertise and subject knowledge

Another way in which a homeschool tutor can support parent’s efforts is by providing a level of expertise in specific areas or subjects. Parents may already have basic knowledge in various subjects, but they often lack the in-depth knowledge necessary for teaching their kids properly.

With a homeschool tutor, the gaps of knowledge can be filled because they offer specialized instruction in such subjects as science, literature, advanced mathematics, and others. Consequently, the child gets a comprehensive education across all areas, with no subjects not being well covered because of limited parental knowledge or having no expertise in some subjects.

Homeschool tutors help in tracking progress and accountability

Successful homeschooling programs must include some key components, and two key ones are tracking progress and maintaining accountability. In supplementing parental efforts, a homeschool tutor comes in handy to assist parents assess their kids’ progress regularly, set academic goals, and provide detailed feedback.

Thus, a homeschool tutor helps to make sure that any learner can meet educational standards and benchmarks through regular evaluations. In addition, these experts may provide insights into those areas where the kid might require extra support or enrichment. As such, parents can adjust their strategies as it may be necessary.

They help to take on some work from the parents

Parents have other responsibilities and even the most dedicated ones to homeschooling can find themselves overwhelmed at times as they juggle between educating their kids and other obligations. This is where a homeschool tutor comes in to help offload some of these burdens by taking some teaching duties allowing parents to concentrate on other homeschooling duties and family responsibilities.


Homeschool tutors are a crucial part of homeschooling programs and help to supplement parental efforts. These experts provide customized learning approaches, provide expertise in various subjects, offer accountability and progress tracking, and help relieve parents of some duties. 

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