Checking The Digital Signage Board At The Airport During Your Travels

October 10, 2016

When you are in airport for the first time, it is easy to lose your way. This is more so when considering the large number of travelers already in the airport, as well as the myriad of doors and corridors. The best thing is that you do not necessarily need to worry too much the next time you are in an unfamiliar airport. This is all thanks to the digital signage. There are several ways that the airport digital signage will improve your traveling experience. The effectiveness of digital signage in airports can greatly enhance the passenger experience by providing real-time flight information, wayfinding directions, and targeted advertisements. With its dynamic and eye-catching displays, digital signage has the ability to capture and engage the attention of travelers, ensuring they stay informed and navigate the airport efficiently.

Offer Way-Finding

There is nothing worse than being lost in an airport, while you are already late for your flight. This is a common occurrence, but it can be resolved by the use of digital signage. They offer detailed step-by-step navigation to help you find exactly where you are going. Digital signage helps travelers find their way around the airport by giving them specific directions to their gate number. The signage will also offer directions to the restaurants and other facilities within the airport.

Another great thing about airport digital signage is that you can get the requested information sent to your mobile device through the QR codes or a designated text number. This means you can still find your way around even when you are not looking at the signage. You only need your mobile device.

With the help of digital signage, fliers rely less on the help of airport workers when they need directions. This saves time and enables the airport staff to focus on their core tasks. What is more is that there is digital signage software available to help customize the signs in any way you want.

Keep The Travelers Updated

One of the main uses of digital signage at an airport is to keep travelers updated. This is important in informing them which flight is boarding and also letting them know if any flight will be delayed or canceled. Fliers get these pieces of information in real time thanks to digital signage. The live screens can also display departures, arrivals, flight numbers, gate numbers, cities, flight statuses, and so much more. At the same time, the digital signage screens can show news, weather, and other pieces of information simultaneously.

The best thing is that all the information that is displayed on the screens is controlled remotely. Changes can be made online and will reflect on the screen in real time.

Offer Entertainment

There is nothing more boring than having nothing to do while waiting for your next flight. Digital signage screens can be used to entertain fliers while they wait for their flight to start boarding. The screens can display live TV, social media, videos, and more.

Promote Amenities

Digital signage can be used to display products and services offered in the airport or in the area. They can hence help the airport generate supplementary income by renting advertising space.

Other than that, digital signage can be used to broadcast emergency updates and remind fliers of the airport protocol. You can also use digital signage in other public transport stations like bus and train stations.

Michael Silverstone is a digital signage expert that creates signs for airports. He often recommends the use of for people considering digital signage for the first time.

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