Have Yourself An Alternative Christmas This Year

October 26, 2016

It is that time of the year when everybody is starting to get the jingle fever and Christmas hype, and you begin to make your Christmas lists regarding decorations, presents, dinners, parties –you name it! Christmas is a warm holiday full of joy and laughter, but it can also get stressful for those making all the preparations for their guests to enjoy. Sometimes, the preparations stress you so much that you are not really enjoying the holiday, especially if you are doing it with no help and you also have to clean up after everyone, which adds to your fatigue, when in fact, you should also be relaxing.

If this sounds too familiar, then it may be time to try an alternative Christmas and forget all about such type of concerns with the added bonus that this Christmas can also be summerlike!

Central America countries such as Costa Rica and Panama enjoy their dry and summerlike seasons at a time when according to western traditions, December is associated with old fashioned, colder, winter temperatures. Seychelles and Cuba too boast their most favourable season in December, which makes them all ideal candidates in the quest for a summerlike Christmas.

In terms of relaxing during Christmas, you can choose to not lift a finger and remain in a single place to find your Christmas backdrop zen, by staying at an all inclusive resort. However, this way you will be missing out on all the things that make these destinations so unique and so wealthy, although they do not feature high on GDP lists.
In actual fact, these countries are so rich in sights, sentiments, colors, and sounds that you can have yourself a relaxing holiday with minimum effort on your part, while your visuals change on a daily basis. How? Choose to cruise!

Cruising Past Christmas For The Wanderlusters (Viva Cuba!)

Choose to cruise past Christmas, Cuban style! Get up close and personal with with all the sights and sounds of a different culture, so authentic and genuine, you will wonder why you have not visited before. A boutique cruise with Variety cruises gives the thirsty traveler the bonus of exploring such a remote destination, over a course of ten days, while meeting a new horizon every morning. As Christmas falls during Cuba’s dry season, the festivities there have an entirely different character, the parradas (traditional carnival like street parties) being the main form of celebration. All the homes and public places are decorated with bright, vibrant lights and festive drums echo through Havana’s streets like a beckoning, to join in on the celebrations.

Dare to experience a summerlike Christmas and redefine what this holiday is all about!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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